Avie’s Blizzard

Dana Greenwood, the Avie’s Rep from Blizzard/Tecnica, dropped in last week to bring all Avie’s staff up-to-date on the latest and greatest on Blizzard skis for 2019/2020. Read the previous post for the news on Tecnica ski boots—it’s worth the quick read. Yes, they pair nicely with Blizzard skis. Freeride For men, there is a

Warmer Feet with Tecnica

This past Friday Dana Greenwood from the Tecnica ski boot company stopped in at Avie’s Ski / Sports to conduct a clinic for Avie’s staff. Dana let us know all about the newest, latest and greatest things happening with Tecnica ski boots for the 2019/2020 ski season. Celliant for Warmth One major innovation that jumped

What’s New Up North

Check out the summit at Stratton. Yes, that’s today, right now. October 17, 2019. I got a sweet boost of adrenaline just seeing the white stuff swirling around, gondola cars swinging on their cable in the background. The season of white is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about gearing up for the

A Daddle Paddle?

Still wondering about a Father’s Day gift for that extra special dad? Don’t sweat it; you got this covered. Swing by Avie’s Ski / Sports and pick out a great BIC paddle board or surf board. There are hard decks and soft decks, in both paddle and surf boards, all in several lengths. Whether dad

Final Turns

This coming weekend marks the closing date for final turns at many of the ski areas to our north. Not all, but most. Bromely is already closed, as are most if not all of the smaller, more southerly ski areas. Okemo, Stratton, Mount Snow, Loon, and Bretton Woods are all slated to stop operations this

Snow Season Wrap Up

The 2019 ski and ride season turned out pretty good overall. The season got off to a wonderful start with a very snowy November and December. I got out on the slopes 5 times before the Christmas holiday rolled around. That was a very nice start to the season. January and February, like they always

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