Guy’s Gambit

Ski season is now officially started—Killington opened on November 5th and snow is falling in the mountains of New Hampshire—and it is time to get serious about getting yourself ready for another season of fun on the slopes.

If you just got the skiing bug a year or two ago and have been renting or leasing, now is the time to think about a shift to the next level. Rental gear is great for getting started, but once you pick up the basics, rental gear just can’t take you any further in building your skills and ability to charge hard all across the mountain.

So here’s a deal for all you male skiers out there who are thinking about making the shift from renting to owning ski gear. For $599.95 Avie’s Ski / Sports will put your feet into a pair of brand new ski boots that you will click into bindings atop a pair of brand new skis. There will be no charge for binding set up and adjustment, and you get a pair of aluminum ski poles to complete the package.

While today there really is no such thing as a “bad ski,” Avie’s has chosen 3 pair that will be best suited to getting you on the path to cruising hard and fast down the slopes. You get to choose between Nordica Navigator 77 CA, Blizzard Thunderbird 7.2, and Volkl Deacon 72 skis. Each of these is a huge step up from rentals—all are performance skis that are just a bit forgiving so you can take your skills to intermediate / advanced intermediate level quick and easy. Click Here and go check out the skis.

An Avie’s boot fitter will work with you to get your feet into a perfectly fitting pair of Dalbello DS AX 75, Roxa R-Fit S, or Tecnica Mach Sport HV 70 ski boot. Any of these three boots will give the snug, wrap around fit that will have you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. These moderate flex boots will help you drive the skis into and out of turns but still be forgiving enough that you can relax and have fun when you just want to cruise. Click Here to go check out the boots (a short scroll down).

Building your first ski quiver can’t be any easier than this. Avie’s has set the playing field in your favor; you need to make the next move. What goes into your ski package is limited to skis, boots, and poles that are in stock. Getting over to Avie’s and shopping now will provide you with the broadest selection of ski and pole lengths, and boot sizes.

Think Snow! We hope to see you soon at Avie’s Ski / Sports.