Helmets & Goggles

sun glare, snow glare, UV rays. give your eyes a break, with style

Goggles and helmets are about as necessary to skiing and riding as a pair of warm gloves or mittens. They add to the overall comfort of a day on the slopes. They add a layer of protection from the elements. And in the case of a helmet, protection from a whole lot more. Helmets provide not only protection, but great warmth. Goggles protect from those nasty UV rays, and improve visibility. When helmet is paired with compatible goggles, the goggle remains fog free. You remain worry free.

2022/2023 Helmets at Avie’s Ski / Sports

While you still do see a few skiers and riders NOT wearing a helmet, nowadays it is pretty much the norm. Especially for kids. No one expects a whack to the head on the slopes. But it happens. 

2022/2023 HelmetsAvie's Price
Confidant MIPS$ 149.95
Standard$ 80
Symbol$ 200
Hendrix$ 120
Macon 2.0$ 100

2022/2023 Goggles at Avie’s Ski / Sports

While sunglasses fit the bill on the slopes in late spring, most of the time goggles are needed to protect your eyes from glare, wind, cold, and UV. Avie’s Ski / Sports carries a diversity of goggle styles so you can find that one special one that best fits you. While not impossible to show all the color combinations of frames, lenses, and straps available at Avie’s Ski / Sports on this page, it would be messy. Stop in and browse the selection. Try them on and pick that special one for style and comfort. Wear glasses? No worries. There are several “over-the-glasses” (OTG) options for you to choose from.

2022/2023 GoggleAvie's Price
RVX Magnetic OTG$ 270
PX V2$ 240
NF X2$ 200
R1 OTG$ 160
D1 OTG$ 90
DX3$ 70
Factor 45$ 200
Vapor Light Sensitive$ 180
Vapor$ 160
Shield Light Sensitive$ 120
Shield$ 100
Faze II$ 90

Goggles are very personal, and the options and choices are so many. For these reasons you need to personally look through the selection to find the pair that is just right for you. There will be something for you at Avie’s.