sun glare, snow glare, UV rays. give your eyes a break, with style

Goggles and helmets are about as necessary to skiing and riding as a pair of warm gloves or mittens. They add to the overall comfort of a day on the slopes. They add a layer of protection from the elements. And in the case of a helmet, protection from a whole lot more. Helmets provide not only protection, but great warmth. Goggles protect from those nasty UV rays, and improve visibility. When helmet is paired with compatible goggles, the goggle remains fog free. You remain worry free.


While you still do see a few skiers and riders NOT wearing a helmet, nowadays it is pretty much the norm. Especially for kids. No one expects a whack to the head on the slopes. But it happens. 

Marker MAP helmets contain a special honeycomb-style material that offers superior head protection in the event of a crash. MAP regains its initial shape almost instantly, so it protects from multiple impacts in the same crash incident. MAP, plus great venting to keep your head in the “chill zone,” are found in the Phoenix MAP and Ampire MAP.

Consort 20 and Kojo provide head protection as well as warmth and comfort. Consort 20 has a removable inner liner, and is designed to be extra light and extra comfortable. Kojo is designed for juniors, and has a wide range of adjustment to ensure a snug fit on the wearer. Kojo is made of extra durable materials.

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This year Avie’s Ski / Sports has added Triple Eight helmets to its product line. Triple Eight helmets are designed with classic skate park styling. In fact, they can double in the skate park during the season of no snow. The Audio helmet comes equipped with—you guessed it—a built in audio system. A 3.5 mm audio cord fits most of todays music systems. This helmet allows you to plug in to your favorite tunes while you carve up the groomers, slide rails in the park, dodge trees in the woods, or simply chill on the lift. The Standard does it all, but in quiet mode. Both helmets meets current safety standards for ski and ride helmets.

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While sunglasses fit the bill on the slopes in late spring, most of the time goggles are needed to protect your eyes from glare, wind, cold, and UV. Avie’s Ski / Sports carries a diversity of goggle styles so you can find that one special one that best fits you. While not impossible to show all the color combinations of frames, lenses, and straps available at Avie’s Ski / Sports on this page, it would be messy. Stop in and browse the selection. Try them on and pick that special one for style and comfort. Wear glasses? No worries. There are several “over-the-glasses” options for you to choose from.

Zeal goggles are well regarded for their optics, and their stylish designs. Each pair is slightly different, dependent upon the “bells-and-whistles” possessed. For instance, Hatchet has a quickly removable lens that is spherical in design. That design provides a totally unobstructed view through the lens from side-to-side, top-to-bottom. The Rail Lock System for lens swapping is incredibly quick and easy. Maybe easiest on the market. Many if not most goggles contain Zeal’s Everclear Anti-Fog coating, The coating inhibits the goggles ability to fog on the inside. We’ve all been there at some point in time when that nasty frost forms inside the goggles. Tough to get rid of; maddening to ski or ride with. Everclear helps solve that annoying problem.

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Goggles are very personal, and the options and choices are so many. For these reasons you need to personally look through the selection to find the pair that is just right for you. There will be something for you at Avie’s.

Gordini goggles offer many style and price point options, which is especially nice for parents. Avie’s Ski / Sports carries a broad selection of very moderately priced goggles for children. We know they outgrow things quickly. And sometimes break them, or lose them, even faster. Gordini helps take the financial sting out of keeping the kids stylishly protected from the elements.

A very nice feature of Gordini goggles is that they contain “memory face foam” at contact points. Your skin warms the foam which then molds to your facial contours for a snug, warm fit.

Gordini also offers high end goggles with all the bells and whistles. The Reload series goggles have fast change lenses so that as conditions change, or if you do some night skiing or riding, you simply swap lenses. Reload series goggles are available in regular fit, a smaller cut fit for smaller individuals, and an OTG (over-the-glasses) model that accommodates those who wear glasses.

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