Ski & Boot Bags

one way to pack for your ski trip

But maybe not the best. Avie’s Ski / Sports has lots of options for you to pack up your gear for your next trip. Skis, boots, even heated boots. From El Grande to Wee Tiny, there’s a pack for your gear, and you can find it at Avie’s Ski / Sports.

A boot bag is a great investment. You can easily pack boots, socks, ski pants, gloves, goggles, and a helmet in your average boot bag. Bigger ones will hold an outer jacket, water bottle, snacks, lunch, and a whole lot more. Most are backpack-style so you get your gear effortlessly from place to place.

If you travel with your skis, then a ski bag is a necessity. We recommend them especially if you go on sponsored bus trips. Having skis in a bag protects them from being bashed and battered, and makes it easy at days end to grab your bag from the jumble in the bus cargo hold.

SWIX bags…

Nordica bags…

Kulkea boot and ski bags gain “best of show” ratings on a continuing basis. Their Trekker series is their most popular. Thermal Trekker is a heated bag. That’s right, heated. Zip your boots into the side pockets of the bag and plug into a wall or car outlet. Out comes toasty warm boots. This bag will hold most everything you need. Boot Trekker is just a bit bigger and can definitely hold anything you want to bring along. Powder Trekker is styled for the ladies, and is big in volume. But only Thermal Trekker packs heat.

Speed Pack is a bit more basic, but still plenty roomy. Talvi X is a top loading bag, but as roomy as Speed Pack and Powder Trekker. Speed Star caters to the children, being smaller in size and a bit more flamboyantly colored.

Kantaja is a fully padded ski bag that holds a single pair of skis. Kantaja is available in either 170 or 190 cm length. Both durable and water resistant, this bag will take the punishment you don’t want to subject your skis to.

Still want more? Visit Kulkea.

Avie’s Ski / Sports also carries Transpack boot bags. The Transpack TRV Pro bags are super tough top-loaders that have front-zipper access to your gear. A handle on the front allows some versatility in carrying the bag, especially handy on bus trips and in crowded places. The XT is a bit smaller in volume, and has rear zip access. Both bags have drain holes in the boot compartments just in case you forget to knock the snow off before zipping them into the side pockets.

Still want more? Visit Transpack.