Winter Cometh—Finally?

left to right counterclockwise—Mount Sunapee, Okemo, Killington, Loon

Yes it has been an unusually, in fact strangely in your face, warm progression towards winter. The season of snow officially begins this Tuesday, December 21st. And it looks like things will begin to look and feel like winter.

The collage above shows it is snowing at Mount Sunapee, Killington and Loon. They are making snow at Okemo (so are all other ski areas) with the anticipation that snowfall begins shortly. The weather alert notes 5 to 8 inches of snow or more predicted. FINALLY! And the weather forecasts for the coming week and beyond call for continuing cold. FINALLY!

With the solstice only 3 days away, that means that Christmas Eve is only 3 days beyond that. And that marks the end of your official holiday present shopping. Hard to believe it is that close, but it really is.

New Inventory Arrives!

While time is tight, there is still time to get to Avie’s Ski / Sports and find some great gifts to put under the tree or into a stocking. New ski orders have come in and replenished variety, and a HUGE ski boot order arrived filling in rapidly disappearing common foot sizes. RIDE snowboards have also arrived so all you “single-plank” fanatics at last have some inventory to ogle.

So now is a great time to stop in and get fitted for ski or snowboard boots, and to grab a pair of skis or a snowboard while the grabbing is good.

Gloves, socks, base layer and outer wear inventory has also been bolstered recently, so the pickings are good throughout the entire store.

White Christmas?

It’s snowing up north right now, with a decent sized dump expected. The cold, for a change, looks to be hanging around for a while to keep that white stuff in a frozen state. And guess what? More snow expected later in the week up north.

While we here along the coast may not see a white Christmas the folks up north will. And that’s just great! We avoid all that shoveling and messiness but can travel a few hours to the north and get caught up in a wonderful envelope of white.

Now is the time to stop at Avie’s and pick up that gear you left to get tuned. It is also the time to pick up some last minute stocking stuffers—how about some socks to stuff in those socks?—or to be really, truly, giving (even to yourself) and pick up that new ski or snowboard package you have been dreaming about.

Avie’s closes at 5:00 PM this coming Friday, Christmas Eve. Be sure to stop by before then.