Stand Up Paddle

Stand up Paddle Boarding is — Great exercise. Improves balance. De-stresses. Relaxes. Big Fun!!

NO SALES TAX in Rhode Island on stand up paddle boards!

ACE-TEC Performer stand up paddle boards by BIC are great for all-around paddle adventuring. These boards are great anywhere and everywhere. Because they are wide, and with plenty of floatation power, you can bring along a child or the dog—maybe both on the bigger board. Due to their versatility, they play well in the surf or on flat water. You can do almost anything with them, including yoga. Great durability and stability with lightweight built-in performance.

10’6″ board — $899

11’6″ board — $949

Want a different size? Different color? Different BIC board?


BIC is located nearby in Massachusetts so if there is something from BIC that you want that is not in stock at Avie’s Ski / Sports, we can get it. And get it fast! Just ask and if BIC has it in stock, you shall receive.

BIC “soft boards” are a great option to consider. More stable, more forgiving, and….softer. A soft board is a bit more durable, and takes a bigger beating without getting beat up. That means less time on repairs and more time having fun.

Soft boards are generally a less expensive option than a hard board, and tend to be a bit more stable. If you are new to the sport, or plan to do lots of on-the-water yoga, a soft board may be the thing for you.

NO SALES TAX in Rhode Island on stand up paddle boards!

Paddles, leashes, bags and accessories. Don’t forget sunglasses……

20% off any paddle with purchase of a stand up paddle board