Stand Up Paddle

Stand up Paddle Boarding is — Great exercise. Improves balance. De-stresses. Relaxes. Big Fun!!

NO SALES TAX in Rhode Island on stand up paddle boards!

20% off any paddle with purchase of a stand up paddle board


Beautiful boards by Focus, graced with EPS Wood Epoxy that makes a dramatic statement. Strong and lightweight, with great eye-appeal. The EWE Series SUPs are keepers.

Focus Smoothie EWE

 10′ Smoothie EWE $1,095

 10′ Smoothie Wide EWE $1,245

10′ 6″ Smoothie EWE $1,375

Why the name? Because on this deck it will be smooth sailing for sure! Smoothies are great, stable platforms for beginner paddlers. Furthermore, they are designed for intermediate level paddlers to improve skills in the surf and more wave-swept areas. This board gets you going as a beginner, then helps you launch into bigger adventures, if you dare. This is the flagship SUP of the Focus line for a reason — they are awesome!!


Focus Tundra EWE


12′ Tundra EWE $1,530 

Despite the name, this stand up paddle board won’t leave you in the cold. Tundra is designed to be quicker, and track better than traditional boards. In addition, this SUP is way more playful in the surf. Most of all, the sleek design goes the distance as a touring board—tie downs let you stack up your gear and head to new adventures.




Focus Bluefin ACT


14′ Bluefin ACT $2,415

First of all, this bluefin will not be found at the sushi bar. Because it’s 24-inches wide, and laid up with carbon fiber, the Focus Bluefin ACT is the greyhound of paddle boards. Especially, it’s light (only 25 lbs!!) and stiff, sleek and fast. As a result of rocker in the tip, Bluefin connects you bump to bump on the downwind run for a froth generating paddle. This is the board used by racer Mo Freitas. So, if you want to kick up the adrenaline level on your paddles, this is for you.



PRIME 10’2 and 11’0 — $849

All around boards that are especially durable and price conscious. Because of their unique design, the do well in the surf as well as in flat water conditions. Furthermore, that versatility allows beginners to hop on and have fun. But it doesn’t limit intermediate paddlers who want to play hard in the surf or improve skills in the chop-and-slop. Did we mention good look as well?

Focus PRIME 10’2″

Focus PRIME 11’0″

NO SALES TAX in Rhode Island on stand up paddle boards!


ACE-TEC Performer stand up paddle boards by BIC are great for all-around paddle adventuring. These boards are great anywhere and everywhere. Because they are wide, and with plenty of floatation power, you can bring along a child or the dog—maybe both on the bigger board. Due to their versatility, they play well in the surf or on flat water. You can do almost anything with them, including yoga. Great durability and stability with lightweight built-in performance. And furthermore, a great price. 

10’6″ — $999.95 11’6″ — $999.95

NO SALES TAX in Rhode Island on stand up paddle boards!


Kialoa paddles are first of all inspired by Hawaiian tradition, then designed and built in the Pacific Northwest. These are strong, yet lightweight paddles that power your fun times on your stand up paddle board. Fiberglass for everyday use. Fibrlite for less weight and increased stiffness. And finally, carbon fiber for those who settle for no less than the absolute best in power transition.

 Makai Paddle — $129.95

fiberglass—32 oz

  Tiare Paddle — $199.95

fibrlite—24 oz

  Insanity Paddle — $199.95

fibrlite—25 oz

Methane II — $359.95 

carbon fiber—18 oz

Paddles, leashes, bags and accessories. Don’t forget sunglasses……