Carving Crave

November 8 at Killington

Check out the image. That’s Superstar at Killington. It’s not open yet but will be soon. And it’s calling to you to come and carve up that sweet corduroy striping that it will be wearing real soon now.

Face it, you want to be carving more than turkey this season, and here is a chance to make a significant leap in that direction. And you don’t need cutlery to do it.

If you have you been using a bunch of hand-me-down or ski swap gear you know it’s lacking in comfort and performance. Sure, it works and gets you top-to-bottom, but do you feel like something is missing when you get there? Perhaps the boot liners are all packed down and your feet feel like they are wrapped in paper towels, slipping and sloshing around. Maybe the ski bases are old and dry and don’t hold wax anymore, making for a slow herky-jerky slide down the mountain. Probably both. Admit it.

So here’s a deal for you to consider in making a decision to act on that very much needed upgrade to your personal ski gear.

For $799.95 Avie’s Ski / Sports will put you into a pair of brand new skis and ski boots that will have you ripping up the slopes, carving the groomers top to bottom, and leave you grinning ear-to-ear at the end of each run down the mountain. Whoa! Want to make that grin even bigger? There will be no charge for binding set up and adjustment, and you get a pair of brand new aluminum ski poles to complete the package.

Avie’s has chosen 2 pair of skis that will be best suited to carving the corduroy on New England ski slopes. You get to choose between Nordica Navigator 80 CA or Blizzard Thunderbird 7.7 skis. These skis are wide enough to handle late day crud, but still narrow enough to tip in and out of turns quick and easy. The extra stiffness found in these skis will hold the turns on the crusty, super firm surfaces typical of New England ski slopes. Click Here and go check out the skis.

An Avie’s boot fitter will work with you to get your feet into a perfectly fitting pair of Dalbello DS AX 90, Roxa R-Fit 90, Tecnica Mach Sport HV 90, or Nordica Sportmachine 90 ski boot. Any of the four boot choices, with their stiffer flex, will drive your new skis into and out of turns and have you carving up the groomers in no time. Besides a stiffer, more performance-oriented flex, the liners of these boots are designed to be more anatomically correct in wrapping your foot, ankle, and lower leg, giving you great control over the ski as well as increased comfort. These boots give nothing but a win-win outcome. Click Here to go check out the boots (a short scroll down).

As an added bonus, Avie’s will give you 25% off any custom footbed. Why? Because a custom footbed will put your foot in the heel pocket just perfect, and keep it there. And the extra arch support will keep your feet from aching while you are tearing up the groomers on your new skis. A custom footbed is the least expensive, most responsive upgrade you can make to your ski gear. Still not sold? Swap out footbeds after you get fitted for those perfect fitting new boots. Your foot will notice the difference, and say “Thank you.”

Building your new ski gear outfit can’t be any easier than this. What goes into your ski package however, is limited to skis, boots, and poles that are in stock. Getting over to Avie’s and shopping now will provide you with the broadest selection of ski and pole lengths, and boot sizes.

Think Snow! We hope to see you soon at Avie’s Ski / Sports.