Tuning / Repair / Adjustment

2022 / 2023 Service Fees

                                           professional mounting, adjustment, and tuning


Mount Alpine SYSTEM Binding --- equipment purchased at Avie's$ 25
Mount Alpine FLAT Binding --- equipment purchased at Avie's$ 40
Adjust Alpine Binding --- any equipment$ 30
Remount Alpine Binding --- any equipment$ 50
Mount Cross Country Binding --- any equipment$ 25
Mounting --- equipment purchased at Avie's$ 30
Adjustments -- equipment purchased at Avie's $ 25


SKIS — $85



The Works --- repair base [NOT RESTORE—fills major gouges and cuts but does not remove every scratch in the base] & grind base; sharpen edges; wax & polish$ 40$ 50
Get The Works if your gear has a few big gouges or cuts from hitting unseen rocks or other obstructions. This keeps the base in better long term condition and will keep you sliding along faster. Don't bother with The Works for "rock skis" or if you spend all your time off piste.
Base Grind, Sharpen Edge, Wax [BGSW] --- grind base; sharpen edges, apply wax & polish$ 35$ 40
A BGSW should be the standard maintenance you get for your gear a couple times a season, or at least at season end if you only get out occasionally. This will refresh the base so it holds wax better, longer, and keep the edges sharp and rust free.
Base Grind, Sharpen Edge [BGS] --- grind base and sharpen edges$ 30$ 35
BGS is what you want if you wax your own gear. Do this several times per season to remove built up old wax and refresh the base to better absorb and hold your personal wax alchemy. If you sharpen your own edges, simply request a Base Grind.
Summer Wax --- The Works PLUS iron-on wax; scrape & polish early winter$ 50$ 65
This Summer Wax is not about getting ready for swimsuit season. Getting The Works, then having a coating of wax applied to the base, and left there, makes for a nice, impermeable layer that keeps the base fresh and happy. Come fall, bring in your gear and we scrape off the wax and hand brush to a stunning and slippery shine. Your gear will be as happy as you are when hitting the slopes for the first day of the season.

Have a tuning or repair question? Send your query to: tuningshop@aviesskisport.com