Tuning & Repairs

2018 / 2019 Schedule

                                           professional mounting, adjustment, and tuning

Binding Mounting & Adjustment

Mount Alpine Bindingequipment purchased at Avie's$40
Mount Alpine Bindingequipment NOT purchased at Avie's$85
Remount Alpine Bindingany equipment$45
Adjust Alpine Bindingany equipment$30
Mount Nordic Bindingany equipment$25

Ski & Snowboard Tuning

The Worksrepair & grind base; sharpen edges; wax & polish$40$45
Base & Edgesgrind base; sharpen edges$25$30
Waxapply wax & polish$15$20
Wax Special"3-fer-2" Card — 3 wax and polish services, any combination of gear$30$30
SUMMERIZE The Works PLUS iron-on wax; scrape & polish early winter$50$65

Have a tuning or repair question? Send your query to: tuningshop@aviesskisport.com