2020 / 2021 Pricing

Avie’s Ski / Sports is dedicated to helping you make the best of the winter season. Winter IS fun if you get out and make it fun. And there is no better way to do that than being outdoors playing in the snow.

variety, so you can build skill and confidence

“Lease-2-Buy” Ski Package Program for adult skiers. Stop in to Avie’s Ski / Sports and ask about this great opportunity. If you have been leasing adults skis and boots, with a nagging feeling that perhaps you should buy, this is a good way to meet both ends.

High Performance Demo Gear is available for those wishing to try out new skis, or maybe different styles of skis, before making a purchase. Maybe you want to find out if a pair of super stiff, or longer or shorter skis are right for you. Avie’s Ski / Sports has a variety of high performance skis available for you to try. And if you try a pair, and decide you want to buy them, the first day rental fee is deducted from the cost, making your new skis a pretty sweet deal! This is a great way to try out the latest-and-greatest, or to try a new type of ski to see how it performs before committing to a purchase. Some examples are provided below. Actual skis available may change as people try, then buy.


Brand/ModelLength and Style
Blizzard.......Rustler 9172 cm.......Freeride
Elan............Ripstick 88172 cm.......Freeride
Nordica.......Enforcer 94172 cm.......All Mountain
Nordica.......Sentra S4150 cm.......On Piste
Volkl............Blaze 94179 cm.......Freeride
Volkl............Deacon 79170 cm.......All Mountain
Volkl............Kanjo 84168 cm.......Freeride


Sometimes owning your own gear isn’t the best choice for you. If you only ski or ride a few times a year, or have a family engaged in skiing and riding, renting or leasing may be a better choice. 

Avie’s Ski / Sports has a wide selection of skis and snowboards available for rent—perfect when you need gear for one to three days. You pick the skis or board. Avie’s staff help you get the right fit in a boot. Then we set up the bindings for a day, or more, of fun. What could be easier?

Equipment1-Day PricePer Additional Day Cost
Skis, Boots & Poles$35.00$15.00
Snowboard & Boots$35.00$15.00
High Performance (skis)$50.00$20.00

your foot will find the right fit


Children outgrow gear rapidly! Each year they need a bigger size, at least until they get into their mid- to late teens. There is no need to suffer through a season with ill fitting boots, or skis or snowboard inappropriate to on-slope ability. A seasonal lease may be your solution. And it is a very affordable solution.

Come to Avie’s Ski / Sports in late fall or early winter. We fit everybody in need with boots that are the correct size. We then match up a pair of skis or snowboard that meets ability level. Off you go to play in the snow, returning the equipment in the spring when you are done for the season. It really is that simple.

Once you get to the point where you are considering purchasing, consider the Lease-2-Buy option described above. It’s an affordable way to make the transition from leasing to owning.


Used Jr Ski / Used Jr Boot$120.00
Used Jr Ski / Used Adult Boot$140.00
Used Jr Ski / New Jr Boot$180
New Jr Ski / Used Jr Boot$180.00
New Jr Ski / New Jr Boot$220.00
Used Ski / Used Boot$199.00
New Ski / Used Boot$260.00


Used Jr Boot$50.00
Used Jr Ski$80.00
New Jr Boot$100
New Jr Ski$160.00
Used Boot$80.00
Used Ski$140.00
New Ski$200


Used Jr Board / Used Jr Boot$140.00
Used Jr Boot$50.00
Used Jr Snowboard$100
Used Board / Used Boot$199.00
Used Boot$80.00
Used Snowboard$140
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