RIDE Ready

RIDE snowboards are ready to rip. Upgrades and new models to the RIDE line of snowboards provide some great opportunities for both men and women. Man-RIDE-Pig The rage in the men’s line is of course the “pigs.” War Pig, Mountain Pig, Super Pig. These newly designed shorter, more turny, more fun boards are taking the

Get Wool. Get Smart.

Face it, styles have changed. Materials have changed. Technologies have changed. Big, thick, bulky apparel is about as in-style as straight skis. Wool That’s Smart New materials are now available to make fabrics that are light, comfortable and moisture wicking. There are tried and true natural materials used to make fabrics that are warm—even when

It’s Snow Time!

Killington White Check out Killington on the left. Piled high with tasty snow under the North Ridge Quad. Yes, Quad. The old and slow North Ridge Triple has been replaced with a new and speedier quad chair. Is there any Rime and Reason to Killington being open for skiing and riding? Yes! Because they can!

Avie’s Blizzard

Dana Greenwood, the Avie’s Rep from Blizzard/Tecnica, dropped in last week to bring all Avie’s staff up-to-date on the latest and greatest on Blizzard skis for 2019/2020. Read the previous post for the news on Tecnica ski boots—it’s worth the quick read. Yes, they pair nicely with Blizzard skis. Freeride For men, there is a

Warmer Feet with Tecnica

This past Friday Dana Greenwood from the Tecnica ski boot company stopped in at Avie’s Ski / Sports to conduct a clinic for Avie’s staff. Dana let us know all about the newest, latest and greatest things happening with Tecnica ski boots for the 2019/2020 ski season. Celliant for Warmth One major innovation that jumped

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