Vote for AVIE’S

The Westerly Sun READER’s CHOICE 2021 AWARDS polling place is now open for voting. CLICK HERE to cast you vote for AVIE’S SKI / SPORTS as BEST SPORTING GOODS STORE. Where else can you go to get SCUBA, surf, paddle board, tennis, and kayak gear? Where else can you go to get beach supplies, sandals,

11 Degree Smile

Where is one of the few places you could be where the temperature is 11 degrees and you have a big smile? The obvious answer is a ski mountain. That was the situation for me this past Tuesday. As I pulled into the parking lot at Mount Sunapee the thermometer in the car registered 11


Avie’s Ski / Sports has put together a few ski packages. Each bundles the skis, boots, and bindings that work together to make your time on the slopes more fun. And you get to save a few bucks, which is never a bad thing. Let’s explore a bit. Game Improvement Package Have you been renting

Masking the Smile

Much of my time spent at Avie’s Ski / Sports is in the “back shop.” That’s the area that smells of hot ski wax and burning “ptex.” Ptex is the plastic used to repair the base of snowboards and skis. I half-jokingly tell Ted that my time in the back shop is cheaper, and more

Safe Passage At Avie’s

Avie’s is a very large store. The large space ensures ample opportunity for social distancing well beyond the norm. Entrance doors are being kept open. That helps ensure circulation of plenty of fresh air. Employees are masked—except for Bixbie the dog. Hand sanitizer is available in multiple convenient locations. We respect the pandemic restrictions, and

Moaning and Groaning

Some were looking out the window this morning and moaning and groaning about the wind whipped white stuff flashing by. Sad thoughts of short days, slippery walkways, and shoveling driveways filled their heads. A shake of the head and a return to the morning news was their best response. Others, myself included, looked out the

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