Tuning With The Captain

Avie’s Ski/Sports has teamed up with Grey Sail Brewing.

On Friday, February 9th at 6:00 PM Avie’s ski and snowboard tuning and repair “captain” will present a demonstration showing you how to sharpen edges and wax skis and snowboards so that you slide with the greatest of ease. Captain’s Daughter—voted #1 beer in Rhode Island multiple times—will likely make an appearance.

Relax with a pint while you learn how to maintain your ski and ride gear in tip top condition. Tuning your own gear is easy. And fun. The rewards are many. While others are poling, skating, and dragging their snowboard around on one foot you will be sailing past on your freshly waxed gear.

The demonstration is free—beverages are not—and you get a voucher for 20% off the purchase of tuning equipment and supplies at Avie’s Ski/Sport.