Skier Need To Know

understanding leads to clarity…

Shared here is a collection of information for skiers and riders. For brevity, it is referred to as “Skier Need To Know.” Much, if not most however, is applicable to snowboarders. The information is not brand specific, though examples use brands and models carried at Avie’s Ski / Sports in Westerly, Rhode Island.

The intent of the “Skier Need To Know” pages is to provide a summary of information that skiers and riders should know and understand about their gear. With a better understanding of the design, composition, and intent of the manufacturers in producing gear, you can make better decisions. So when you select those new skis, boards, boots, etc., they will better suit your whims and needs. Some information, we hope, will help you better maintain your gear so it lasts longer and performs better.

The information here will be updated each season to keep abreast of major changes in the industry. If you are looking for year-to-year changes in skis, boards, boots, etc., then you need to check out the appropriate pages in the “Snow Sports” section of the website. Those pages will give you the latest about the tweaks and new widgets introduced each season by manufacturers.

These pages stick to the basics. We hope they help build a solid foundation for your understanding of snow sports and the gear we use to enjoy playing in the snow.

Play hard. Play safe. Enjoy.