The Roar of Snow Guns

I just got back from a trip into the northern realms of Vermont for a bit of skiing. While riding the lifts and enjoying the tug of gravity on the way back down, a few things gelled in my mind that I would like to pass along for you to contemplate.

First, it seems that the ski areas in lower Vermont, meaning Killington and south, actually have a bigger base than up north. Or maybe it’s just a different kind of base. But my observations suggest that there is more skiable snow on the trails in lower Vermont. 

Second, since we along the coast in Rhode Island and Connecticut are closer to southern Vermont than we are to northern Vermont, it makes sense to take advantage of that geographical nicety.

Third, the temperatures will tumble again after today. Up north that means the snow guns will roar away through the day and night, adding some fresh snow atop what is already there. 

Fourth, and last thing, is that Avie’s has a bus trip running to Mount Snow in lower Vermont this Sunday, the 12th of March.

So. More snow in lower Vermont. Which is close enough for a day trip, With cold returning to enhance ski and ride conditions. And there is a chance to get to lower Vermont to take advantage of these things, this Sunday.

Seems like a no-brainer. Get on down to Avie’s and get your name on the trip list to Mount Snow. Better yet, sign up for the last trip—the Customer Appreciation trip—to Okemo on March 19th at the same time. 

Yep, March comes in like a lion. I can hear the snow guns roar!