After the Storm

We have a major winter storm on the horizon. In fact, blizzard watches and warnings are posted for much of the New England region. Survivalists will freak out and run to the grocery store to stock up on food, batteries, and other necessities. Skiers and riders will run out for a bar of wax so they can be sure to have their gear ready to go after the storm.

And where would you go? You would go to Avie’s Ski/Sport to get that bar of wax. I recommend the “mixed” bar with the three colors so you can mix a bit of red in with the purple. Why? Because that will best fit the conditions you will see when you get to Okemo this Sunday on the Avie’s Customer Appreciation Bus Trip. The final trip of this year.

Ted brings along piles of bling to give away. And he brings lots of water and fruit and some less healthy goodies. And all the Avie’s staff comes along as well, so that we can get out on the slopes together, and with anyone else who wants to join in on the fun.

Not only is the final trip of the bus trip season from Avie’s a fun and economical way to get up north to ski and ride, it will be FANTASTIC conditions!! The Okemo area is scheduled to get up to 2 feet of snow. Yeah feet. Two. Stick that under yer bindings and slide on it! It is going to be excellent conditions, and you can be there, at Okemo, with Ted and the rest of the shop crazies, and with a bunch of other sane people out to enjoy an unbelievably fantastic day of skiing and riding.

Ok, so we’re getting a big storm. Perfect. After the storm, join all of us at Avie’s for a final trip north into some fantastic fun. Don’t hesitate, and don’t procrastinate. This trip is filling quickly. 

Hope to see you Sunday morning.