Ski & Ride Time is NOW

Yes, people are already thinking about the coming season of white and all the fun things they will do. And they are thinking about what they need to ensure that they have maximal fun when that first chair spins and heads to the summit.

Avie’s Ski / Sports is bursting with gear. Ski, snowboards, boots and bindings. And more arrives every single day.

Sure, it is pretty early. But if you really want the best selection of equipment, early is the time to go. The longer you wait, the better chance someone just bought the goods you would have loved.

Same goes for those of you who enter into one of the fantastic seasonal leases at Avie’s. The sooner you get there and get fitted the better the chance that you get the best fit in the size and style you want.

Early birds have arrived at Avie’s and they are NOT getting worms.

Stop by and browse. The shop is in transition from summer to winter, but all that great winter gear — except for apparel which is still on the way — is just ready and waiting.

Need you gear tuned? Wait until October please. The Tuning Shop at Avie’s doesn’t open until early October. So feel free to procrastinate if a tune is all you need. Otherwise, stop by and get your gear while the getting is good!

Avie’s Springtime Schedule

A previous post about Avie’s being closed on Sundays through Memorial Day weekend was worded such that some might—and indeed a few did—interpret that as entirely closed. Apologies for any confusion.

Let it be said:

Avie’s Ski / Sports is closed on Sundays, and only on Sundays, through Memorial Day weekend.

Springtime store hours are therefore:

OPEN Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Open again on Sundays beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Closed Sundays after March 12

As happens every spring, Avie’s Ski / Sports will be closed on Sundays beginning March 19th and opening again on Sundays Memorial Day Weekend. That means open Monday through Saturday, 10:00AM to 5:00PM, until Memorial Day Weekend. Be sure to amend your snow sports schedule accordingly!

A Couple Things…

March 19th — yes the first Sunday being closed — is the Customer Appreciation bus trip to Waterville Valley in New Hampshire. It’s a fun day! Enjoy the ride from Avie’s in Westerly to the mountain while having some breakfast-like snacks and relaxing. Ski and ride all day long then chill on the ride home. More snacks. A movie. Free ski and ride bling! Socks, hats, and other paraphernalia that are fun and useful.

The Customer Appreciation trip on March 19th is Ted’s way of weaning himself working Sunday in the shop. This lets him work, though it’s mostly fun, while not in the shop. So join in helping break Ted out of his “Work at the Shop on Sunday” mode so he can enjoy free time until late May.

A Few Special Deals

Here’s a few special deals to celebrate spring knocking on our door.

For the ladies — Choose Nordica Wild Belle 74 CA, Elan Element, or Volkl Flair 72W skis to start your new Game Improvement Ski Package. Then find a nice snuggly pair of boots — Dalbello DS AX 65W, Tecnica Mach Sport HV 65W, or Nordica Sport Machine 65W — to slide your foot into. These are all system skis — come complete with bindings — so no extra cost for binding. And…to sweeten things, no charge for mounting and adjustment to fit those nice new ski boots! Oh yeah, the price! $599.95.

For the men — Nordica Navigator 75 CA, Elan Element, or Volkl Deacon 72 ski. Pair them with Dalbello DS AX 75, Tecnica Mach Sport HV 70, or Nordica Sport Machine 80. Yes, they are system skis and Yes there is no charge for mounting and adjustment. And Yes, same great price of $599.95.

Limited to in stock sizes and colors, so shopping sooner is better than later. And not on Sunday after March 12th.

Northern New England has seen more snow in the past few weeks than in the entire previous length of this ski season. So conditions are the best they have been and more snow appears on the way. Get these package deals before they are gone. Get out and enjoy them in some Spring Skiing!

Better yet, get your package deal now and bring them along on the Customer Appreciation trip to Waterville Valley on Sunday, March 19th. There are still seats left, but they never last for long on this one!

Tuesday at Okemo

Son-in-law Andy and I hit the slopes at Okemo yesterday, the 24th. It was my first time out for the season and his first after ACL surgery the year before. With the recent snowfall we were anticipating good conditions, and we weren’t disappointed.

While Okemo is not yet 100% open, the trail count was in the 90s so there were plenty of options. This morning the trail count was in the low 100s. Since it was Andy’s debut with a fixed knee we hit the beginner slopes in front of the Clock Tower lift for first run of the day.

Rude Awakening

Surprise, surprise! It was NOT what we expected. There was precious little if any snow on top of a glazed, crusty, icy surface. Not even dust-on-crust. Just the crust. We got on the lift again and decided to get to the summit, hoping that perhaps the colder temps up top resulted in a different kind of surface.

Our guess was correct, because once away from the beginner area, most trails had a nice covering of groomed snow. There were indeed some crusty, icy patches here and there, even early in the day. But this is New England skiing so hey, that’s kinda normal.

We never went over into Jackson Gore, mainly spending time in the Solitude area lapping the intermediate trails as Andy and I both gained our rhythm and stretched out those unused skiing muscles.

Happy Ending

All in all it was a great beginning for both of us. Crowds were minimal. If indeed you could call it “crowded” for a couple minute delay at the lift waiting for the people in front of you to load. Coverage on trails was good, though getting scraped clean in areas as the day went on, especially on popular and intersecting trails. But not all trails. We did find a few that had great coverage and abundant snow. Snow making was occurring on several trails as well, building and supplementing existing coverage.

Both Andy and I felt bad for the poor beginners trying to scratch their way down the slope over the crusty surface. On our final run back to the base lodge we did find that the run under the lift in the beginners area did indeed have nice snow coverage. So there were options for those that explored a bit.

More snow is on tap for tonight and into tomorrow, and then some. So conditions, we presume, will continue to improve. It was a bit disconcerting to see streams running freely under the Sunburst Six chair lift to the summit. Those should be frozen solid this time of year. Hopefully some deeper cold will settle in and help keep the snowpack intact.

For right now, thumbs up to Okemo for some very good conditions, and for continuing to build on existing conditions by making snow to supplement the natural stuff. Our only suggestion might be to show a bit more mercy on those beginners not able or willing to find a way off the expansive stretch of crusty ice on the beginner slopes.

Get out and enjoy the snow.

Powder Alert – Bromley!

It’s snowing to our north and the white stuff is piling up on the slopes. It looks like 5 to 8 inches of those pretty white flakes will drop from sky to earth over the course of today and tonight.

Yes, there are still seats on that bus heading to Bromley this Sunday, the 22nd of January.

Conditions will be awesome. Fresh snow. No driving. Fresh snow. No hassles. Fresh snow.

Head north on Sunday and play in all that fresh snow! Or stay home and slog through the mud. Pretty easy decision.

Get to Avie’s Ski / Sports and get on that bus to Bromley.

Bromley By Bus — Don’t Miss It

The busy holiday weekend is now behind us. Snow is and has been falling upon the ski slopes to our north. And the cold is hanging in there so the snow guns are blasting 24 / 7.

And guess what? REAL snow is expected this coming Thursday and Friday. 3 to 6 inches of fluffy white stuff. That means conditions will be excellent for the weekend.

Not exciting enough? Well it looks like a bit of snow on Sunday as well, just to keep things fresh and white and fun.

So get over to Avie’s Ski / Sports and sign up for the bus trip to Bromley, this Sunday, January 23rd. Seats are still available. No driving, no hassles. Just fun end to end.

If you have been “fence sitting”, make the leap and get on that bus. Conditions should be great. You will be sorry if you miss this one. For sure.

Get on the Bus to Bromley

We are seeing lots of interest and activity in the upcoming bus trip from Avie’s Ski / Sports to Bromley ski mountain on Sunday January 22nd. That’s great!

The long term forecast is showing snow in lower Vermont at the end of next week. That’s also great! That could make for some nice skiing and riding for those heading to Bromley as part of the Avie’s bus trip.

The bus is beginning to fill out, but not fill up quite yet. If you are interested in getting up to Bromley ski area on Sunday January 22nd, get over the Avie’s Ski / Sports and get signed on to reserve a seat or two on the bus.

No driving, no hassles. Relax and focus on having a fun day on the slopes. Chill out with a movie on the ride south at the end of the day. Trip price includes lift ticket and round trip coach class on the Avie’s charter bus.

Don’t wait. Don’t get disappointed. Be on the bus to Bromley!

Tuning at the Taproom

Join an Avie’s ski and snowboard tuner on Wednesday January 18th in the Grey Sail Brewing Taproom at 63 Canal Street in Westerly, 6:00 PM. Grab a pint of your favorite Grey Sail brew. Enjoy an informal “How To” keep your skis or snowboard in tip top performing condition.

Why would you want to attend? Because Grey Sail has some awesome beers on tap. And Wednesday after work is a great way to say goodbye to the start of the week and to salute the coming of Friday and the weekend.

You will get the chance to see how, with not too much up front expense, and with a little effort, to keep your skis and snowboards New England worthy. Face it, New England sees incredibly varied ski and ride conditions. Ice, crust ice, icy crust, sticky and wet snow. Every once in a while nicely groomed soft snow. And heaven forbid—powder.

To get the most out of New England skiing and riding you need 2 things. (1) Sharp Edges. (2) the right wax. After the tuning demonstration you will know everything you need to know to be New England snow ready.

And what is a day on the slopes without a pint afterwards? Pay it forward with a pint of Grey Sail on Wednesday January 18th at the Grey Sail Brewing Taproom. Even if you decide ski tuning is not for you, having a great pint of beer is not such a bad conciliation prize.

See you at 6:00 PM in the Taproom at Grey Sail Brewing, Wednesday January 18th. RSVP to so we get an idea of numbers. Thank you.

Bromley Bus — January 22

Get on the bus to Bromley — Vermont’s Sun Mountain — Sunday January 22nd.

Get you, your friends and family, to Avie’s Ski / Sports early Sunday morning on the 22nd. Stow your skis and boards in the belly of the bus. Bring your boots on board for a warm ride north. Sleep, chat, break out breakfast. It’s all good on the mellow ride to Bromley.

Price includes lift ticket and round trip coach bus fare to and from Avie’s Ski / Sports in downtown Westerly, RI. You get to ski and ride all day long without a worry that you have a long drive home ahead of you. Chill on the mellow ride south—mellow because everyone on the bus is blissfully exhausted. Dinner and a movie? Yup. Got that on the way home. You bring along a packed dinner, or pick something up on the mountain, and Avie’s supplies the movie.


The long term forecast for the next couple of weeks, while not projecting Arctic blast temps (thankfully), is showing the north to keep the cold and to generally be favorable for snow-making as well as snow preservation. Lots of opportunities between now and then for a good dumping of snow. Even a couple.

Be Ready!

So get ready for the 22nd. Get those skis and snowboards tuned and waxed. Find those helmets and gloves and goggles. And don’t forget —

Get over to Avie’s and reserve a spot on the bus! No one is going anywhere if you don’t sign up.

Winter is here, though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it here along the coast. But there is white stuff to our north to play in, so let’s take advantage. We have passed the solstice and days are lengthening (yeah, they really are) and winter will be spring before we know.

Get to Bromley on Sunday January 22nd. Get there with Avie’s Ski / Sports.

Avie’s Bus Trips — Are BACK

After a hiatus of several years, bus trips to ski resorts in New England, originating from Avie’s Ski / Sport in Westerly, have returned.


Same fun deal. Leave Avie’s parking lot early Sunday morning for the ride to a ski resort in New Hampshire or Vermont. But you don’t have to drive. Sleep, relax, have a leisurely breakfast. Just chill for a few hours before delivery to the slopes. Walk off the bus and hit the trails.

At days end, return blissfully tired to a warm and comfortable motor coach for the return trip to Westerly. Have a snack, or dinner you picked up or brought along. Relax. Chat with others about the great day on the slopes. Kick back and watch the movie, read, or take a well deserved nap.


This season Avie’s will run trips to Bromley in Vermont, and to Waterville and Loon in New Hampshire on select Sundays throughout January, February and March. Dates, destinations, and details can be found by clicking HERE.

Same great deal. Cost of motor coach to and from, as well as lift ticket cost, are included in the price. It is a great way to enjoy a day on the slopes—the only work you do is having fun!


One major change is how the bus company is handling bus confirmation. In the past Avie’s had to commit to running a trip by the Thursday before the Sunday trip. This season Avie’s must commit to bus use by Friday the week BEFORE the trip is scheduled to run.

Bottom line is that if you want to go on a particular trip date, sign up early. If sufficient people have not signed up by the Friday the week before, unfortunately, the trip is likely to be cancelled due to lack of interest.

Go check out the trip list and get yourself signed up. As always, last trip of the season is the Customer Appreciation Trip. Sign up for that one early, it fills completely every year.