Tuning at the Taproom

Join an Avie’s ski and snowboard tuner on Wednesday January 18th in the Grey Sail Brewing Taproom at 63 Canal Street in Westerly, 6:00 PM. Grab a pint of your favorite Grey Sail brew. Enjoy an informal “How To” keep your skis or snowboard in tip top performing condition.

Why would you want to attend? Because Grey Sail has some awesome beers on tap. And Wednesday after work is a great way to say goodbye to the start of the week and to salute the coming of Friday and the weekend.

You will get the chance to see how, with not too much up front expense, and with a little effort, to keep your skis and snowboards New England worthy. Face it, New England sees incredibly varied ski and ride conditions. Ice, crust ice, icy crust, sticky and wet snow. Every once in a while nicely groomed soft snow. And heaven forbid—powder.

To get the most out of New England skiing and riding you need 2 things. (1) Sharp Edges. (2) the right wax. After the tuning demonstration you will know everything you need to know to be New England snow ready.

And what is a day on the slopes without a pint afterwards? Pay it forward with a pint of Grey Sail on Wednesday January 18th at the Grey Sail Brewing Taproom. Even if you decide ski tuning is not for you, having a great pint of beer is not such a bad conciliation prize.

See you at 6:00 PM in the Taproom at Grey Sail Brewing, Wednesday January 18th. RSVP to tuningshop@aviesskisports.com so we get an idea of numbers. Thank you.