Ripping into the Ski Season

Avie’s Ski / Sports has a great opportunity—for both men and women—to rip into some brand new ski gear for the upcoming season. Avie’s “Ripper Package” point you in the right direction to rip up the slopes this season. Here’s the deal.

For this deal — men or women — you get a choice of Nordica Unleashed 90 or Volkl Revolt 86 ski. Once you decide which of those two are most desirable — not an easy choice — Avie’s will mount — at NO COST — a pair of Marker Squire 10 bindings onto the skis and adjust them for your ski boots. Yes, free mounting and adjustment.

Nordica Unleashed 90 — you guessed right, 90 mm at the waist — are a set of lightweight, yet stable sticks designed for wherever you point them. With full camber underneath the binding Unleashed 90 are lively and poppy. In other words, a lot fun and easy into and out of turns. A bit of rocker in the tips is like steering assist to get into and out turns quick and easy. Does that make them fun in the woods? Oh yeah! And with a 90 mm waist, they will do pretty will on those days when the light and fluffy is falling from the sky.

Volkl Revolt 86 — yeah, 86 mm at the waist — is a true twin tip that is designed for playing in the park, but not so much that it isn’t comfortable on the groomers. Having rocker in both tip and tail, these sticks are super “turny” and nimble. Because they are so very nimble, Revolt 86 will be sheer bliss in the bumps and in the woods.

Oops, almost forgot the price! $569.95 for skis and bindings. And don’t forget, mounting and adjustment is included.

This one is a tough choice because both are such excellent and fun skis! If you tend towards playing in the park, or if the woods are your thing, you won’t be unhappy with Revolt. If you tend a bit more towards the groomers with lots of forays into the woods the Unleashed will keep you smiling.

Sizes in both skis are limited to existing inventory at Avie’s Ski / Sports, so stop by soon and check out this ripping ski package deal. The season of white is not so far away—the snow guns are blazing on Superstar at Killington—so get that new gear now while the getting is good.