Avie’s Ski / Sports has put together a few ski packages. Each bundles the skis, boots, and bindings that work together to make your time on the slopes more fun. And you get to save a few bucks, which is never a bad thing. Let’s explore a bit.

Game Improvement Package

Have you been renting skis? Do you own old, out-dated gear? Do you ski only occasionally? Avie’s Improvement Package will move you to the next step so you have more fun on the slopes.

Women’s Game — $599.95

For instance, Blizzard Alight 72 skis paired with Tecnica Mach Sport HV 65W boots. However, that price includes bindings and aluminum ski poles. The package is an even better deal because it also includes binding mounting and adjustment. Select from Nordica Drive 75, Blizzard Alight 72, or Volkl Flair 8.0 for skis. Boot choices are Dalbello DS MX 70W, Nordica Cruise 65W, or Tecnica Mach Sport HV 65W.

Men’s Game — $599.95

Men, for instance, get to pick from Nordica Drive 75, Blizzard Quattro 7.2, and Volkl Deacon 8.0 skis. Boot choices are Dalbello DS AX 80, Nordica Cruise 70, or Tecnica Mach Sport HV 70. Again, bindings, poles, mounting, and adjustments, are included.

So, if you are looking to jump out of the rentals or replace some tired old gear, a Game Improvement package is a perfect choice.

But, what if you are an experienced skier? What if you already have some gear and maybe want to refresh your time on the slopes with something a bit more intriguing?

The Carving Package

Avie’s Ski / Sports has for experienced skiers a package aimed at carving up that nicely striped frontside corduroy.

Women’s Carvers — $799.95

Because you already are an accomplished skier, the carving package offers stiffer boots and stiffer skis that will tip into a turn that leaves two thin little pencil stripes across the slope behind you. Choose, for instance, from Nordica Astral 78 CA, Blizzard Alight 7.7, or Volkl Flair 72 skis. Slide your feet into either Dalbello DS AX 80W, Nordica Cruise 75W, or Tecnica Mach Sport HV 75W boots. Again, bindings, poles, mounting and adjustment is included. As a bonus, you also get 25% off a set of custom footbeds to slip into those new boots.

Men’s Carvers — $799.95

For you man-beast carving aficionados, choose Nordica Navigator 80 CA, Blizzard Quattro 7.7, or Volkl Deacon XT skis. Yes, each ski comes with bindings, mounting and adjustment included. Boot choices are Dalbello DS AX 90 or Nordica Sportmachine 90. Don’t forget to pick out a set of aluminum poles. And let’s consider dropping in a pair of custom footbeds so your feet really nestled into those new boots; 25% off the foot beds.

So come on in to Avie’s Ski / Sports and check out these great ski packages. Shop early for best selection of styles and sizes; choices are limited to in stock items.