Killington, January 21st

I made way up to Killington to meet with the good folks from Blizzard and Fischer, and try out some of the new skis on tap for the 2017 season. The other reason for making my way to Killington was to ski. That’s something I am really sick of NOT doing this season. Conditions plus life seemed to have been working in a way that negates all my attempts to ski.

But not today. Today saw 90-something trails, most groomed, available for the taking. Granted it was cold, never breaking 15 degrees, and it was really windy until late morning. But I didn’t hear many complaints. Conditions were hard and fast, with fast being the operative word. That’s always a pretty good thing.

Bear Mountain was the shining star in the morning as it was tucked out of the wind. As the wind laid down late morning, just about everything was good, except for the Ramshead area, where they were making snow on most trails. A good thing, but not so much for today.

The crowds were non existent. In no instance did I get to a lift where I found more than 1 person in front of me, except the K-1 Gondola, were there were may 6 or 7. So it wasn’t crowded, which made it all so much better.

Bottom line? For mid-January you would have to say things are not so good. The number of trails open is approaching 100, which they typically would hit around Christmas or not long after. But what they have is very, very well kept and they continue to expand. It is worth going north to find the snow, and if you can make it work, go on a weekday. That’s what vacation days and sick days—as in I’m sick of not skiing or riding—are for.

Sounds like, for the weekend, that the good folks in DC are going to get a bunch of snow they don’t want and we wish we had. Life can be that way sometimes. So while they are cursing and digging out over the weekend, head north and put a smile on your face. While conditions aren’t the best they’ve ever been, they sure are good enough to have a bunch of fun in.