It’s Snow Time!

Killington White

Check out Killington on the left. Piled high with tasty snow under the North Ridge Quad. Yes, Quad. The old and slow North Ridge Triple has been replaced with a new and speedier quad chair.

Is there any Rime and Reason to Killington being open for skiing and riding? Yes! Because they can! And you can on Rime and Reason serviced by a ride on the new North Ridge Quad.

Stratton Brown

Now check out the summit at Stratton on the right. All brown and sad looking. But it won’t be that way for long. See those hoses snaking across the ground? They are attached to snow guns. And those guns will be firing and pouring snow out onto the upper slopes pretty darn soon. Then the scene at Stratton will look much, much happier.

Coastal Frown

A storm rolls in tomorrow afternoon. Here along the coast we will see snow! But it will be in the melted form technically termed rain. Yeah, that puts a downward curve to a skier and rider’s smile. But it’s the price we pay for being close to an ocean that holds onto its heat for a long time.

The good news is that inland, north of Hartford/Springfield, and into Vermont and New Hampshire for sure, that nasty rain will stay in the more solid form technically called snow. Maybe not all snow everywhere, but if predictions hold, then certainly higher elevations—think ski slopes—will be graced with a blanket of beautiful white fluffy stuff.

So, it’s Snow Time. And in a couple of weeks as we bump into the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the slopes will be open and it will be Show Time.

Now is the time to get your skis and snowboards out from the dusty corner you propped them up in. Beat off the spiders and wipe away the cobwebs. Look over your gear and decide if you want or need an upgrade, or a simple change of pace on the slopes.

Now is the time to check out the ski and snowboard inventory at Avie’s Ski / Sports. Early shoppers find the best selection.

Decide to keep your gear for another season? Perfect! Bring your skis and snowboards in to Avie’s Ski / Sports for a thorough tune up. Give them The Works! Sharp edges! Refreshed and flattened base! And best of all—wax! Lovely wax that lets you beat that nasty thing called friction.

Ski slopes beckon. Time is short—thankfully—till lifts and gondolas are whisking skiers and riders to high altitudes from which to let gravity yank them back to the lodge.