In Tune For the Season

The weather is finally tilting towards cold, even here along the coast. Ski areas to the north are now open and expanding trail counts.

If you haven’t already started thinking about hitting the slopes—seriously, you haven’t? Well, you should. Now is the time to get your gear in shape to hit the slopes so you can turn thought into action.

A good way to do that is bring your gear to Avie’s Ski / Sports and have one of the shop techs get it all set for you. It’s an easy way to get it done and over.

For those of you however, who may want to take a more active hand in getting gear not only ready for the season, but keep it in great performing order the entire season, there is another way. Do-It-Yourself ski and snowboard tuning.

Why DIY? Two major reasons:

  1. This is New England and we get a real mixed bag of conditions to ski and ride on. Sure, Avie’s will put an all purpose wax on your gear which helps you slide along pretty okay. BUT if you DIY, you get to wax your gear according to conditions so that your gear slides WAY BETTER, every time all of the time. While others are skating, poling, struggling, and saying not nice things about how “sticky” the snow is, you will sail right by at a nice speed with a big smile on your face. Seriously.
  2. This is New England and there is almost always icy surfaces involved. When you leave the shop with your newly tuned gear the edges are sharp and hold great in the turns. After one or two times out on the slopes the edges are already becoming dull. Here in New England you NEED SHARP EDGES. From crusty and crunchy to downright glacier ice, it’s there, everywhere. And it eats edge sharpness just like you did with turkey on Thanksgiving Day. If not turkey, then definitely with pie. Who are we kidding? Probably both.

Ski and snowboard tuning is not difficult. And not expensive if you don’t want it to be. Sure, you can go all out and get all the gear and have the best of the best. But you can also modify stuff you have around the house, or maybe build a couple things out of scrap lumber. Outside of a few “must have” items, how in depth you want to get is up to you.

Where to start?

Come to Avie’s Ski / Sport on Sunday, December 11th at 2:00 PM and take in a FREE demonstration by one of Avie’s tuning techs to see what it is all about. At the demo you will see and learn:

  • What basic equipment is needed to get started waxing and sharpening,
  • How to use that equipment properly,
  • Options regarding accessory equipment that makes things easier, ranging from free and easy to expensive but wicked cool,
  • Learn about waxing alchemy so you know what wax to use, when, for best glide,
  • Learn the few things you should not do.

After the demo, should your interest be tweaked and you would like to jump into ski and snowboard tuning, get 20% off tuning supplies and equipment at Avis’s Ski / Sport right then and there.

What could be sweeter?

Actually, the sweetest thing will be when you go charging down the mountain, beating friction, holding turns over crust and ice, and sailing across all those flat runouts that you used to dread!

If interested, RSVP to so we can be sure to have adequate space for all those interested in attending. This is a free event and requires no purchases.

We look forward to seeing December 11th; 2:00 PM at Avie’s.