Get Wool. Get Smart.

Face it, styles have changed. Materials have changed. Technologies have changed. Big, thick, bulky apparel is about as in-style as straight skis.

Wool That’s Smart

New materials are now available to make fabrics that are light, comfortable and moisture wicking. There are tried and true natural materials used to make fabrics that are warm—even when wet—cozy, and durable. And there are new technologies that take the best of old and new and blend it into something wonderful. Like Smartwool.

Smartwool starts with, of course, wool. Merino wool that is. Which is thinner and softer than regular old run-of-the-loom wool. Merino wool is naturally warm and moisture wicking.

Then the Merino wool gets smart. It gets blended with other various fibers and materials to make a final fabric that, like wool, is warm and moisture wicking. Because of the blend of space-age materials, the new fabric is extraordinarily durable. This unique blend of old and new is the very familiar apparel known as Smartwool.

With new technologies applied to dying and weaving processes, Smartwool fabrics come out even more colorful than they used to—and they stay that way.

Smart Socks

Smartwool got its name of fame made with its’ incredible line of socks. Warm and plush, durable and moisture wicking, Smartwool socks set the standard for warm, comfortable feet. That great technology and innovation has fortunately made it into the world of winter recreation.

Come into the shop and you will find that Avie’s Ski / Sports has a huge selection of ski and snowboard socks. All are designed to complement todays high-tech ski and snowboard boot liners. If you are wearing big, bulky socks in your ski or snowboard boots, you need to go shopping!

Put your feet into a pair of Smartwool socks designed for skiing or snowboarding. They are thin! Your feet will be nice and warm because today’s boot liners are incredibly warm. You won’t slip and slide around in your boots like you do when wearing multiple pairs of socks. Wrap your feet in Smartwool and they will be warm!

Smart Styles

Smartwool—remember, it’s pretty smart stuff—jumped from socks to the rest of the body. Slide your arms into the Smartwool Reversible Sherpa Vest. Be warm and wooly on the inside, then reverse it as you head to the lounge for a bit of après-ski relaxation.

Leggings under ski pants while on the slopes. Top them with a Quilt Skirt for a stop in the lodge, the drive home, or out to dinner. For men there are base layer tops and bottoms that make for a comfortable and warm day on the slopes. And while a quilt skirt may not be to your liking, there are sweater tops as a mid-layer and for après-ski.

Mid-layer tops like the women’s Asylum, and various ¼ zip styles can round out a very ski-worthy wardrobe. The ladies in the top photo are smiling. But they would be beaming if they were decked out in Smartwool.

Stop into Avie’s Ski / Sports and check out Smartwool. Step into a warm and cozy bottom layer. Slide into a wicking and warm top. Hit the slopes hard, then top off with a fresh Smartwool top for some well deserved relaxation.