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Men’s Volkl 2023/2024 Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Mantra M6    $749.95 Avie’s    Freeride. All terrain. Powder.  Advanced intermediate to Expert. The new Mantra M6 again comes with a multilayer wood core and tip and tail rocker. But in the coming season, the newly designed ski body will, for the first time, be adapted to a 3D radius sidecut concept with a tailored Titanal frame. By adapting the Titanal components to the various ski lengths and thus to the skier’s proportions, not only can the tip and tail ends be weight-optimized, but the torsional stiffness can also be influenced, thereby improving the ride qualities. This retains the familiar stability of a Titanal ski while also making the Mantra M6 noticeably lighter and more agile to control. The Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and once again offers maximum fun!

Kendo 88        $699.95 Avie’s    Freeride. Intermediate to Expert. All Mountain. This is an all-mountain freerider with a state-of-the-art build that can be used for so many different things by experienced skiers who relish powerful turns on any terrain. The Kendo 88 comes with revised geometry and a one meter shorter center radius in its 3D Radius Sidecut. The key is that the three different radii combined in one ski make for enormously versatile cornering. The new 16 m radius in the middle further increases its radius variability. Thrills await if you love tight turns cut fully on the edge. This ski encourages a sporty, intuitive style on groomed slopes, but also provides the maneuverability you need to get through challenging terrain. Less force is required too, thanks to a shorter center radius. This season, the Kendo 88 also features Tailored Carbon Tips and a Tailored Titanal Frame. In this design, the width of the Titanal upper belt can be adapted to the length of the ski; the resulting torsional stiffness and the desired damping behavior can be adapted to the skier. The Titanal content is reduced in shorter skis, which means shorter and lighter skiers can get the most out of their skis without excessive effort. Agile shovel reaction is a feature of special note. This means that as soon as you initiate a turn, you can steer the ski in a measured, easy manner. In other words, simply think about changing direction – and it happens. 

Blaze 94    $649.95 Avie’s    Freeride. All terrain/Moguls/Woods. Advanced Intermediate to Expert. The Blaze 94 is a highly versatile ski for outstanding performance in almost any conditions. A Titanal binding platform provides direct power transfer and builds pressure quickly for a fast response when switching edges. The ski’s faster, more direct response is especially welcome in narrow and rough terrain – and takes less effort too. The secret largely lies in the 3D radius sidecut. The Blaze is designed primarily for short, fast turns, but its three different radii and tip-to-tail hybrid multi-layer wood core adapt to any riding style, however ambitious. The Blaze is popular for freeride touring too, thanks to its light weight. That’s why Völkl also offers Smart Glue skins tailored to each Blaze model.

Blaze 86*   $699.95 Avie’s   (bindings included; not shown) Freeride. All terrain/Moguls/Woods. Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate. The “narrowest” Blaze is available in four lengths and offers an ideal combination of smooth “surfing” and light weight. As well as featuring a 3D radius sidecut, the Blaze 86 is built with a full tip-to-tail wood core. This not only trims the weight and makes the ski more lively, it also eliminates the need for plastic panels – a small but positive environmental aspect. The Blaze series is designed for fast, short turns. But its three different radii, especially in combination with a full hybrid multi-layer wood core, mean it is suited to every riding style and can handle even the most ambitious use. The Blaze 86 is ideal for sporty all-mountain skiers who want to go off-piste.

Deacon 84     $999.95 Avie’s   All Mountain.  All terrain. Moguls. Advanced Intermediate to Expert. The Deacon 84 skis as well on icy slopes as on fresh snow, bringing a smile to the face of experienced skiers. The integrated Titanal Frame delivers power as well as stability, the new LowRide XL binding with GripWalk allows great power transfer due to the extra low stand height. The ski comes with Full Sidewall and a P-Tex 4504 base. The 3D.Ridge construction, with Titanal Frame combined with 3D.Glass and Tip & Tail rocker also increases the power transfer and higher torsional stiffness, an improved edge grip and better liveliness. The new 3D radius sidecut technology lifts the carving performance of the ski into another dimension.  The ideal on-piste carver for changing snow conditions.

Deacon 7.2     $449.95 Avie’s   All Mountain. Groomers. Beginner to Intermediate. The Volkl Deacon 7.2 with VMotion 10 bindings is a 72-millimeter waisted ski that is all about providing an easy-going ski experience for people who want to progress with their overall ski skills. Volkl’s Sensor wood core provides solid stability underfoot and allows the tips to flex a bit easier to help with turn initiation and edge release. A little bit of early rise in the tip of this ski provides some nice forgiveness so you don’t feel like you’re working too hard to get the ski to turn, but when you do start feeling more confident, camber underfoot provides the necessary edge grip for carving turns on groomers. The Deacon 7.2 is a perfect entry into the sport of skiing for someone who is buying skis and bindings for the first time moving on from the dreaded rental scene. 

Deacon XTD   $699.95 Avie’s    All Mountain. Beginner to Intermediate.  Groomers. The Deacon XTD is for riders who want to progress. The Deacon XTD with tip rocker ups the performance for intermediate and advanced skiers to conquer the mountain no matter what the conditions. Its construction features a partial center sidewall around the Dual Woodcore that enhances edge grip and stability for front side skiing

Women’s Volkl 2023/2024 Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Blaze 94W    $649.95 Avie’s     Freeride. All terrain/Moguls/Woods. Advanced Intermediate to Expert. The Blaze 94 W is what we like to call “sporty”. It delivers on many levels, but it is made for the high octane delight of a skier that loves to turn on a dime, in every type of terrain. The layer of titanal across the binding platform creates an impressively direct power transfer from skier movement to ski action. Keeping the titanal only under the foot creates an incredibly fun and responsive turning experience, immediately from initiation, with little effort. Although it is designed with short turn radius goals, the 3D Radius Sidecut and Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore significantly enhances the ski’s liveliness and maneuverability for any turn shape. It is a fantastic touring ski as well. Regardless of resort skiing glory, off piste endeavors, or backcountry objectives, the Blaze 94 offers an incredibly wide range of use in all conditions.

Blaze 86W*    $699.95 Avie’s     (includes bindings; not shown) Freeride. All terrain/Moguls/Woods. Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate. The Blaze 86 W builds on what the other models are known for: lightness, versatility and agility. Because there is no Titanal, the ski is a bit more sprightly and also a bit lighter. The Blaze 86 W is designed for quick, tight turns, although the sidecut’s three different radii also master demanding terrain, speed and long, drawn-out curves. Suspension tips and tails give the ski composure, increase flotation and protect the ski off-piste.

Kanjo 84    $649.95 Avie’s    Freeride. Advanced Beginner to Advanced Intermediate. All terrain. With an 84 mm waist, the Kanjo offers a lively yet stable feel for cruising on piste thanks to its Titanal binding platform and new 3D radius sidecut. Its glass frame and tip and tail rocker design also give it an effortless surfing feel. The Kanjo is the perfect on-piste ski for off-piste skiers who dig piste skiing but never want to be regarded as on-piste skiers. If you’re a freeskier looking for an on-piste ski suitable for freeriding that offers fun and performance, the Kanjo is for you.

Yumi 84  $649.95 Avie’s    Freeride. All terrain. Advanced Intermediate to Expert. The Yumi features tip and tail rockers and measures 84 mm beneath the boot, and its 3D radius sidecut makes it easy and playful to turn. This latest model is the first to combine a glass frame construction with Titanal beneath the binding. Its Titanal binding construction gives it stability and allows it to transfer power without being unnecessarily heavy; a glass frame reinforces the important zones of the ski. As a result, the ski feels more lively yet softer. That said, it can still be pushed really hard without requiring much force. This ski has always appealed to a very broad target group because of its enormous range of uses.

Flair 7.2     $449.95 Avie’s    All Mountain. Groomers.  Beginner to Intermediate. The Volkl Flair 7.2 with VMotion 10 GW Bindings is a great combination for entry level skiers to intermediates who will love the approachability and user friendliness of a forgiving ski and binding. At 72- millimeters under foot, the Flair 72 provides a nice narrow platform best suited to making quick turns on groomed terrain. Pair that with a nice forgiving flex pattern and some early rise and you get effortless maneuverability for whatever kind of turn you want to make. No work and all play with this ski. This ski is intended to make learning and progression easy and is meant to welcome new skiers to the hill, hoping that they get hooked on the sport of skiing and will stay participating in the sport for years to come.

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