Volkl Skis

K is for kudos! Kendo and Kanjo have a new look topsides. But Volkl didn’t mess around with the changes made last season. Therefore, these two skis continue to be, simply put, fun skis all around the mountain. Kama is all new for the women’s line, and is a very close sibling to Yumi, but with a solid wood core. This threesome of skis is hard to beat for fun. Easy turning, but serious in holding the turn. They are after all, Volkl skis. Lightweight, but very stable, even at speed.

Avie’s Ski Testers continually rate Kendo as one of the most fun skis. Ski magazine continually ranks Kendo high, sitting in the #3 slot in the 2019 men’s all-mountain narrow ski category. Since it’s release two years ago, Kanjo scores high from Avie’s Ski Testers. Except maybe a bit more fun because its slightly slimmer waist makes it just a bit more lively in the turns, woods, and bumps. We expect Kama to rate similarly. These are great skis for advancing intermediate skiers, intermediate skiers, and advanced or even expert skiers. They really do have something for everyone who has good basic control of a ski. And they give it out anywhere and everywhere on the mountain.

Carve Crazy!

Volkl RTM skis have been, continue to be, and will likely be in the future, incredibly good carving skis. Quick and easy into and out of turns, they hold on through the turns even when giving them some speed. Tenacity is a Volkl hallmark after all.

The narrower the ski the more lively it is into and out of the turns. Wider skis, of course being more stable at higher speed in the turns. Though a wider, heavier ski will not be as lively, they will carve up the hillside in an exquisite fashion. While an RTM ski can take you through the woods, they excel on the groomers where you can lay them over and carve your way down the slope. RTM series skis come in a variety of widths, so they can meet the needs of any skier with basic skills, all the way up to the most demanding expert.

Avie’s Ski Testers had only good things to say about the Volkl RTM skis—all of them. For one Avie’s employee, the Volkl RTM 84 is the “go to ski” for most any day but a powder day.

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