Thirty-two offers a wide range of snowboard boots so you can find one that fits your needs, your style, and your budget.

Lashed Double BOA and Lashed Double BOA W are all you will ever want, or need, in a snowboarding boot. The front BOA snugs you in. The side BOA locks in your heel. The result is your foot nestled in the pocket to give you total control over the deck under your feet. Warm, fully moldable liners make Lashed Double BOA 100% custom fitted to your feet. Stiff enough to provide great control, but with enough flex to allow some rough-housing in the park.

STW BOA provides easy adjustment in snugging up the boot to your foot, and the moldable liner lets you customize for ultimate comfort. STW BOA is a bit softer and more forgiving, making a great boot for those wanting some extra flex in the park, or to provide forgiveness while improving skills.

Exit provides all the makings of a great boot for the beginning to intermediate rider. Huge in comfort, and big in forgiveness.

Kids BOA lets the wee ones get into their boots on their own, and tighten them as well. Mom and dad can focus on other things than lacing, relacing, tying, and retying. Grow With Me inserts let the boot grow along with your youngsters feet so you get expanded use for fewer dollars.

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