Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica ski boots continue their clever turn towards making performance boots more available to a greater diversity of foot widths. And with that turn is a new scheme of putting their line of on-piste boots under the “Mach” brand.

But it’s not just a simple act of slapping a new label on an existing boot. The entire line has been retooled to incorporate the best features of the existing Mach boots into all their boots, with a big expansion in performance boots for wider feet. This is a total win for skiers.

The Cochise boot remains largely unchanged performance-wise, but with a slight decrease in overall weight. Cochise has been a “go to” boot for those getting into the uphill skinning game, but is 100% downhill performance capable.

Mach Sport boots are all new for this season. The boot shell mimics the Mach 1 boot, but with a bit less overall stiffness making them bit more forgiving. Mach Sport has a liner that is less “foot customized” than Mach 1, again providing a bit more comfort while still being very performance oriented. Mach Sport has a 103 mm last, so wider feet will find a performance-oriented boot that provides comfort.

This goes for women’s boots as well, so don’t feel left out. In fact, Tecnica has over the past few seasons upgraded their women’s boot line with lots of customization options. Options to expand around the calf, and to adjust flex and cuff, make this a boot ladies really need to give a closer look. 

Ski magazine reports that their testers found Mach Sport HV 100 to ski like a much more expensive boot, and they gave a nod to the new Mach Sport boot line. Ski magazine liked the new Tecnica Mach Sport line so much they gave both men’s and women’s boots a “Best Value 2019” rating.

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