RIDE Snowboards

RIDE decided it was time to go to war, and undertook an expansion of snowboards. That means some nice additions via some new offshoots based on the very well received, highly acclaimed, Warpig.

RIDE gave Warpig “tapered directional rocker.” This gives the board the ability to be shorter and wider, and with ultimate maneuverability. In other words, a lot more fun carving up the groomers, ducking between trees, or riding rails in the park.

Twinpig is new for this season. It is wider and shorter, like Warpig, but without direction. That means you take this pig in any direction you choose. Twinpig is designed to provide the ultimate in freestyle maneuvering. And is just a bit softer to make it even more flexible and nimble. Therefore, Twinpig is the piggy to take to play in the park.

RIDE suggests those considering picking up a pig think small. These decks are designed to be ridden in lengths smaller than what you normally would. So if you want to experience the best these little piggies have to offer, go 3 to 4 cm less in length.

No changes to Manic or Agenda for this season. These boards maintain their stellar reputation for stability and ease of use, making them ideal decks for those wanting to experience loads of fun while improving their technique on the groomers, in the woods and park.

Boot offerings from RIDE provides a range of value and performance. Lasso has Michelin treads on the sole, and BOA Tongue Tied to ensure your heel is locked in place. Heat moldable liner with Black Gold technology ensures warm feet, with high stiffness providing high performance.

Anthem provides BOA technology, moldable liner, and warmth, but with a bit less stiffness. This is a great boot for those still improving their technique and therefore wanting a bit of forgiveness.

Triad combines BOA Tongue Tied with traditional lacing so you can give your fit all the tweaks you care to give. This mid-flex boot provides great advantage to those focused on park play, but still provides control over ripping the groomers. As a bonus, especially to those around you at days end, Aegis Antimicrobial Coating in the liner keeps the feet-stink gremlins at bay.

RIDE bindings make the connection to performance. New for this season are upgrades to make them lighter, and improved durability of flexible straps and ratchets. No amount of cold and abuse will deter these bindings from doing their job in helping you have fun. All contain Wedgie footbeds so you can tweak the stance to be just right for you. 

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