Nordica Skis

Nordica has stepped way out front this season with some really exciting changes in their line of skis. For instance, skis are now arranged in three categories: carving skis, all mountain skis, and big mountain (big fat) skis.

A new navigation system! The NRGy series has turned into the Navigator series. New top-sheet graphics give the ski a new and refreshing look. Nordica kept all the good things about the NRGy ski—light weight, good “pop,” and playfulness. Then they retooled the internal layup of the ski to have a bit more edge-holding and carving power. Avie’s Ski Testers took the entire Navigator line out on the slopes. They noticed the difference. One Avie’s Ski Tester owns a pair of NRGy 90 skis, and likes the new configuration better. Very much the same fun ski, but with better performance on the groomers. Navigator series skis will be a great ski for almost any skier from intermediate to expert level. They take you everywhere and do it all.

Enforcing some fun! Enforcer 93 is new this season. With Enforcer 100 labelled “Ski of the Year” several years in a row, there is little reason to change performance. So Nordica didn’t. Except to thin all that good stuff down to a narrower, quicker, funner ski. In fact, Ski magazine ranked Enforcer 93 in the #2 slot of the men’s all-mountain category. Avie’s Ski Testers found Enforcer 93 to be a fun time on the mountain. A bit thinner in the waist (than Enforcer 100), Enforcer 93 is very New England appropriate. They carve, bash through lumps, bumps and crud, and they take you into the woods. Enforcer 93 is not light-in-weight, nor a lightweight. You need to be a proficient skier to make Enforcer 93 work for you. Any advanced intermediate to expert skier will find Nordica Enforcer 93 to be a great ski all over the mountain.

Soulful twins! Soul Rider 84 is a very playful twin tip. Wide enough to carve, yet narrow and light enough to play in the park. Avie’s Ski Testers found Soul Rider to handle well, and had enough pop to be lots of fun. Intermediate to advanced skiers wanting a lighter ski that goes from groomers to woods will want to give Soul Rider 84 some serious thought.

GT Means GreaT!

Nordica made some major changes in the GT series skis. One Avie’s Ski Tester had always liked the GT skis, but never loved them. He felt they just lacked backbone under hard carving conditions. Nordica changed all that this season by redesigning the ski. They also beefed up the bindings. Now GT skis are phenomenal carvers. The wood core models handle incredibly well, hanging on through turns on the corduroy without problem. Add Ti (titanal sheets in the laminate) to get GT Ti , and Wow! All of a sudden the ski won’t let go no matter how fast or hard you pressure it through turns on the groomers. All Avie’s Ski Testers were thrilled with GT performance. In fact simply amazed at those with the Ti addition. From just advancing skier to full blown expert, Nordica GT series has something very, very serious to offer you.

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