Men’s Nordica 2019/2020 Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Enforcer 88 is one of the new kids on the block for the 2019/2020 season, and has been designated as the “Best Value” ski for 2020 in the Frontside Ski category by Ski magazine. While maintaining all the great qualities of Enforcer 93, the Enforcer 88 has a slightly narrower waist and a bit less metal in the core to lighten things up just a bit. The end result is a hard charging ski that turns a bit easier than Enforcer 93, and has a bit more pop, but at no noticeable loss of other great Enforcer qualities. Avie’s Ski Testers loved Enforcer 88 for these reasons. Both Enforcer 88 and Enforcer 93 are excellent choices for advanced and expert skiers who want a pair of sticks that go anywhere do anything and do it well. Advanced intermediate and advanced/expert skiers will find Enforcer 88 just a bit more friendly than its big brother. Enforcer 88 pairs well with Marker Squire of Griffon binding, while Enforcer 93 will pair best with Marker Griffon binding.

Soul Rider 87 is new for the 2019/2020 season, giving a slightly wider option for those seeking a twin tip set of sticks to play on. Avie’s Ski Testers absolutely loved Soul Rider 87. In fact, one Avie’s Ski Tester gave it a “Best On Snow” rating at Loon MountainSoul Rider 87 and Soul Rider 84 have a huge amount of camber, which makes them very fun because they have lots of “pop.” No metal in the core makes for a light and responsive ski, but the specific woods used and their lay-up in the core provide for a very stiff, powerful ski. Soul Rider 87 carved well, plowed through crud without noticing it, and held fast in turns over crusty late day bald spots. Avie’s Ski Testers had the opportunity to take out Soul Rider 87 on a powder day at Loon, and anyone who took them for a spin came back with a huge smile on their face. Soul Rider skis are a great choice for intermediate and advanced/expert skiers looking for a twin tip set of sticks that really rock the mountain. Pairs nicely with Marker Squire or Marker Griffon bindings.

Navigator 85 sees no change from last season, remaining a great all mountain ski. They carve well on the groomers, play well in the woods because they are light and flexible, and are just all around a fun ski to be on. Navigator 85 is a great ski for any intermediate to advanced level skier looking for a playful but seriously performing ski. Navigator 85 comes as a “flat” set up, but pairs well with Marker Squire or Marker Griffon bindings.

Navigator 80CA is a slightly narrower member of the Navigator family and comes as a “system” set up so you need not purchase bindings separately. The CA designation means there is carbon integrated into strategic parts of the core that keeps the ski light in weight, but strong and responsive. Avie’s Ski Testers found Navigator 80CA to be a highly responsive, easy to ski pair of skis that would be a great choice of advancing beginner to intermediate level skiers.

Dobermann Spitfire 76 RB is a classic frontside ripper that excels in making the corduroy striped hills the most fun place to be. Ski magazine named big brother Spitfire RB 80 “Best Value” in the Carving Ski category for 2020. Advanced to expert level skiers will find Dobermann Spitfire 76 RB to be a carving delight. Inspired by race skis, Spitfire 76 RB transitions from turn to turn rapidly and easily. Avie’s Ski Testers found this ski to be an absolute blast on the corduroy stripes. They held tight turns without problem but went into and out of the turns with ease because of the narrow waist coupled with a slightly overwide tail. Avie’s Ski Testers noted that you had to stay on top of the skis to make them behave to their fullest, so good basic technique is a must. Dobermann Spitfire 76 RB will be a great ski for advanced intermediate to expert skiers looking for fast, fun rides on the groomers.

Women’s Nordica 2019/2020 Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Astral 78 is a lightweight all mountain ski, that comes “flat,” but pairs well with Marker Squire bindings. Astral 74 CA FDT is similar, but a bit narrower and comes as a “system” set up with binding included. Both skis are excellent frontside skis that are light, responsive, and easy to control. Astral 74 CA FDT is a great choice for the beginner and advancing beginner women skier who wants a ski that will help build skill and technique quickly. The CA designation means there is carbon integrated into strategic parts of the core that keeps the ski light in weight, but strong and responsive. Astral 78 is a great choice for advanced beginner and intermediate level women skiers who want an easy going yet highly response set of sticks.

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