Nordica Skis

Men’s Nordica 2021/2022 Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Enforcer 94 $800 / $699.95 Avie’s The new Enforcer 94 sports a carbon chassis coupled with a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal. The layup provides tremendous stability and response while dampening vibrations for an especially smooth ride. A rocker-camber blend along the length of the ski gives a forgiving ride at low speeds, as well as unrivaled performance when it’s time to hold nothing back and pour on the speed. While reducing weight, this new design provides outstanding edge hold that helps lay down powerful and precise turns.Intermediate skiers to advanced skiers will find Enforcer 94 to be the only ski they need, or want. 94 mm at the waist; a 179 cm ski has a 17.1 m turning radius. 

Enforcer 88 $750 / $649.95 Avie’s Powerful and precise, Enforcer 88 yearns to turn. Skiers who spend most of their time on trails love its stability and penchant for speed. Armed with a narrower waist, it pairs a full wood core with two sheets of metal and carbon stringers that run the length of the ski. In addition to dampening vibrations for an especially smooth ride, this creates an energetic ski that’s exceptionally responsive and incredibly quick edge-to-edge. Rocker at tip and tail give the ability to readily absorb bumps but put it on edge and it grips. Intermediate level skiers will love Enforcer 88 for giving the confidence needed to build skills and carve your signature all over the mountain. 88 mm at the waist; a 179 cm ski has a 16.5m turning radius.

Navigator 80 CA $600 / $499.95 Avie’s We took the fun at the heart of the legendary Enforcer skis and put it into a design with a narrower waist. The Navigator 80 CA is designed to make skiing truly accessible. Exceptional edge hold and incredible response—while reducing vibrations—makes for a very smooth and predictable ride. The classic, squared-off tail enhances edge hold and makes it even easier to transition between turns. Early rise rocker in the tip offers versatility in soft snow, and readily absorbs bumps. Navigator 80 CA is designed for advanced beginner to intermediate level skiers  that want to take on every aspect the mountain has to offer. 80 mm at the waist; a 179 cm ski has a 16.5 m turning radius.   

Navigator 75 CA $500 / $399.95 Avie’s Take everything great about Navigator 80 CA—and that means everything about them—and trim down the waist 5 mm to provide for an every quicker, easier response edge-to-edge. Add On Piste Rocker to help transition into turns, and this ski has absolutely everything a beginning skier needs to pick up the art of carving up the frontside groomers. 75 mm at the waist; a 174 cm ski has a 15.5 m turning radius.   

Soul Rider 87   $600 / $499.95 Avie’s  The new Soul Rider 87 is all about versatility—camber underfoot for power and edge grip, with early rise rocker in the tip and tail. This combination makes this ski the perfect choice for intermediate to advanced intermediate skiers looking for a fun and playful all mountain ski with a turned up tail. This twin tip is as comfortable in the park as it is tearing up groomers or dodging trees. 87 mm at the waist; a 177cm ski has a 16.5 m turning radius. 

Soul Rider 84  $450 / $349.95 Avie’s   Durable and versatile. Easy to handle, with the perfect flex to rip incredibly precise turns from the park to the peak. Soul Rider 84 is designed featuring a full wood core for light and lively performance, with cap construction for maximum durability, and Park cam ROCK to enhance maneuverability and control while wreaking havoc in the park. For any intermediate level skier this is a playful and stable ski, wherever you ski it. 84 mm at the waist; a 177cm ski has an 18.5 m turning radius.

Women’s Nordica 2020/2021 Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Wild Belle 78 CA  $600 / $499.95 Avie’s  From immaculate groomers to afternoon crud, the Astral is out to enjoy every trail, though you will find it shining best on the groomers. A full balsa wood core combines with a matrix of metal to provide power and stability as well as easy maneuverability in all terrain and conditions. Avie’s Ski Testers found Atral 78 CA to be a lightweight, easy to handle set of sticks that played well all over the mountain. Astral 78 CA is designed to make skiing easier—it’s stable and playful so it won’t hold you back. Astral 78CA is a great, light weight best suited to advanced beginner and intermediate skiers, or the more advanced skier looking for a relaxing, easy to handle set of sticks.

Wild Belle 74 $500 / $399.95 Avie’s  Nordica’s Wild Belle 74 is designed for beginner and intermediate women skiers. This all-new women’s ski features a full wood core for a smooth and stable ride, and thanks to its narrower waist and rocker-camber blend, the Wild Belle 74 is especially easy to maneuver. A shorter binding plate enhances performance by boosting the ability to flex the ski and initiate turns, and by lowering the position of the rear plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that maximizes control. Nordica’s Wild Belle 74 will have you confidently exploring the entire mountain. 74 mm at the waist; a 162 cm ski has a 13.5 m turning radius.  

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