For the 2019/2020 season most all Nordica women’s ski boots now come standard with adjustable calf fit technology. Women are traditionally hard to fit at the calf—the calf muscle is situated lower than on men, making it a challenge to find a comfortable fit at the boot back. Nordica helps resolve this tricky boot-fit issue in all their boots, not just the top-of-line boots. The Nordica Cruise series of boots has undergone a major overhaul. They have been completely redesigned to be more performance oriented, taking many engineering upgrades from the Speedmachine and Sportmachine lines. Cruise boots are now lighter, angled slightly more forward to set the skier in a better position over the ski, and provide a snugger fit to help keep the foot in place for better control. Most Nordica boots also come now with Primaloft insulation, making them incredibly warm. GripWalk comes with most higher-end Nordica ski boots (a standard sole is provided as well), while all other boots come as GripWalk compatible.

Men’s Nordica 2019/2020 Ski Boots at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Speedmachine 110 (ll0 flex; 100 mm last) and Speedmachine 90 (90 flex; 100 mm last) both remain unchanged from the past season. Ski magazine gives Speedmachine 110 the “Best in Test” 2020 designation in the Comfort category, saying “noticeably awesome downhill abilities, out-performing the rest of the category.” With a 100 mm last, both these boots will be a great pick for those with a moderately narrow foot. Intermediate skiers will be happier in the 90 flex Speedmachine 90 while advanced intermediate to expert skiers will love the responsiveness of the stiffer Speedmachine 110 (110 flex). 

Cruise 120, with a 104 mm last and a 120 flex, will be a great high-performance boot for any advanced intermediate to expert skier with a wider foot. A whole new world of performance awaits! If you have a wide foot, and you are an accomplished skier, you really owe it to yourself to check out the redesigned Cruise 120. Lighter, more comfortable, more performance-oriented. 

Women’s Nordica 2019/2020 Ski Boots at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Cruise 75W will be a great choice for women with a wider foot who are advanced beginner and intermediate skiers. The 104 mm last in Cruise 75W will provide a comfortable fit while providing good control over the skis. The redesign makes this boot not only lighter in weight, but much better fitting. And with the adjustable calf mechanism, you can dial in a custom fit that will not only be more comfortable, but just might improve your skiing.

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