Dalbello Ski Boots

Dalbello ski boots have taken a whole new turn for the 2018 – 2019 season. And it’s a turn for the good, especially for those with a wider foot.

The new DS series boot, based on the technical aspects of the DRS race boot, is a dream. Super light in weight as Dalbello is using a newer high strength plastic that is super light. You can feel the difference when you heft a boot. The DS boot sports a 100 mm last, making it just a bit roomier than what you normally would find in a stiff, high performance ski boot. The MX goes a bit wider still, but retains most of the rigidity found in the DS.

The result? A boot for skiers with wider feet that is fully performance oriented. Typically, boot makers would, as the boot got wider, make them less stiff. The result being less control over the ski. The new DS series boots are a true 4-buckle performance boot, but available in wider widths.

Their super light weight, combined with a stiff upper and a wider foot box, means a great deal for a whole lot of skiers. 

If that isn’t enough to temp your dogs into one or more boots in the Dalbello DS series, keep reading you of so little faith.

Dalbello redesigned the upper with a tongue that is much taller, and a front opening that opens wider and earlier. What does that mean? It means your feet slide into the boot much easier. Getting into some 4-buckle ski boots can leave you exhausted. Not the new Dalbello DS series. Avie’s Ski Testers can vouch for this! The boot liner has been retooled a bit as well, so that it captures your heel better, and then locks it down more securely. Overall, this is a big win for skiers of all sizes and all abilities.

The women’s Kyra boot remains unchanged. But that’s not a bad thing. The 3-buckle Kyra allows for a progressive flex over the ski, allowing the skier to have a wider range of control. The “walk” feature on the Kyra lets your traipse across the lodge look a bit less like a Frankenstein clomp. The Trufit liner adds a touch of style, and a lot of warmth.

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