Capita has a snowboard for you. Dedicated to “awesome,” you will find that in each of these decks.

Warpspeed is a board for hard-charging, big mountain bullies. This is a lot of board for those with a good skill base and wanting highest performance. A new race-base gives this deck extra speed. Can you control it?

Mercury is a true all mountain, all conditions, all fun board. Designed to do it all, Mercury carves groomers, plows crud, plays in the park, and floats powder. What else can be said?

DOA—Defenders of Awesome—is a super freestyle deck. Light and nimble with lots of “pop” make this, awesome of course, in the park and all around the mountain. If you are looking for a highly versatile board, look no further.

Outerspace Living is an all mountain board with a bit more camber. This makes this deck a bit more “floaty” when the white stuff comes down soft and fresh. And pretty playful in the trees. But it still rips the rest of the mountain just fine.

Paradise is pretty similar to Outerspace Living, but designed for the ladies. Just a tad lighter, but with no loss of performance or playfulness. Sheer bliss wherever you take it.

Horroscope is the board you want if your calling is playing in the park. Designed to be ultimately flexible and playful, spins, jumps, and flips are a joy. A more durable base graces the underside of this deck, so your fun on the rails lasts longer.

Scott Steven’s Pro is a high performance board designed for versatility. But with a nod to messing in the park. Yet allowing for carving up the groomers and dashing through the trees.

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