Blizzard Skis

Blizzard has some new and interesting skis in the line up for the season. And Avie’s Ski / Sports is bringing in a few that are sure to be well received.

Brahma CA is no longer in the Blizzard line up, being replaced by Bushwacker. Because this is a very lightweight ski, it shines in the park and woods, but can still hold its own on the groomers. Avie’s Ski Testers¬†found it to be a fun ski, but it was a bit too light to handle super crunchy snow without a lot of chatter. It you spend most of your time in the park, woods, and bumps, check out Bushwacker.

Rustle Up Some Fun

Rustler is all new for this season, and is simply incredible all over the mountain. They carve, they plow crud, they float powder, and they do all of it with style. Both Avie’s Ski Testers loved Rustler 9; one of them gave Rustler 9 “most fun ski” of all those tried (and there at least 3 dozen). Rustler 103 went out in some fresh powder, and floated along in grand style. But even that width stood on edge for some carves. For an intermediate to advanced skier looking for a single set of sticks that rock the mountain, check out the new Blizzard Rustler 9.

Black Pearl continues to be a rock solid women’s ski. Year after year Black Pearl receives multiple “Best Ski” awards. Light but stiff, and super responsive. Black Pearl gives intermediate and advanced to expert skiers everything they want, or need, on the mountain. ‘Nuff said. Just get them.

Quattro and Alight series skis are the “go to” all mountain groomer sticks you really can’t live without. Year after year Avie’s Ski Testers find these skis to be among the “Best of Show” picks. Go longer and wider for more stability, go shorter and thinner for more turn ability. Want the ultimate in “sticking power” through the turns? Grab a Quattro with “Ti” in the name and you’ve got them. That extra titanal sandwiched in the ski adds the stiffness that drives the skis where you want them when you want them.

Race Time!

And then along comes Firebird WRC. Yeah, it’s a race ski. If you are an advanced skier with good technique and can carve a ski with ease, and you’ve never been on a race ski, you should. One Avie’s staffer spent most of last season on a set of Blizzard Quattro race skis, and can honestly say it was his most fun season on the slopes. Maybe ever. Most importantly, while race skis do indeed go fast, they provide a level of control not to be felt in “normal” skis. If you are a control freak, and like a fast pace on the slopes, Firebird WRC should be on your radar screen

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