Blizzard Skis

Men’s 2023/2024 Blizzard Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Rustler 9       $749.95 Avie’s    Freeride. Intermediate / Advanced Intermediate. Variable terrain. Moderate Speeds. Short to medium turns. The nimblest of the Rustler series, the redesigned Rustler 9 is a lightweight, energetic Freeride ski with Trueblend woodcore and an all-new FluxForm technology. Trueblend and FluxForm are designed to work together to provide stability and strength underfoot yet retain playfulness in the tip and tail. Rustler 9 is specifically engineered to make you hoot and holler all over the hill, in the trees and not.

Women’s 2023/2024 Blizzard Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports

Sheeva 9   $749.95 Avie’s    Freeride. Intermediate/Expert. Variable terrain. Moderate to Fast speeds. Short to moderate turns. The completely redesigned Sheeva is engineered specifically to provide confidence, control, power, and above all, fun. If there is such a thing as a one-ski quiver, you’ve just found it. Featuring a Freeride Trueblend woodcore and all-new FluxForm W.S.D. technology, which, combined, pack the perfect blend of power and playfulness. The Sheeva 9 has never met conditions it doesn’t absolutely crush and is perfect for the lady shredder looking for the one ski guaranteed to keep a smile plastered on her face from the time the first flake falls ‘til the last one melts away.

To the women who go skiing as often as they can, who find solace in snow-covered trees or perfect corduroy, the Black Pearls are your anthem. Redesigned last year with input from our Women2Women team, the women’s specifically designed TrueBlend Woodcore with Flipcore design increases the stability and versatility with the power to take you anywhere you want on the mountain regardless of snow conditions. Engineered down to the size level, the Black Pearls address the needs of novices to experts, resulting in confidence and just plain fun!

Black Pearl 88   $699.95 Avie’s    All Mountain. Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. Groomed/Variable terrain. Slow to Moderate speeds. Short to Moderate turns. If you are looking for a ski that rips on groomers and cuts through crud but won’t bog you down in fresh snow, the Black Pearl 88 is your tried and true. The 88mm-waisted ski provides an unmatched level of versatility for intermediate to advanced skiers but is also strong enough for expert skiers who like to up the ante. Each ski is specifically designed by size to give that individual skier the experience they’re after, whether it’s casual cruising or laying it down. The TrueBlend Flipcore with a Women’s Specific Design provides stability and strength, with a sidecut that can easily rotate between short, medium or long radius turns. 

Black Pearl 82        $649.95   Avie’s    Strong at heart with an easygoing attitude, the Black Pearl 82 is the go-to choice for women who are looking for a ski that will be there for them when they want to rip the groomers, but is easy and forgiving when it’s time to cruise. The narrowest in the Black Pearl series at 82mm in the waist, the TrueBlend Flipcore combined with a Women’s Specific Design provides stability and strength, with a quick and playful feel for all-day confidence. Click in and show ‘em who’s boss. Targeted to advanced beginner to advanced intermediate level skiers. 88 mm at the waist; good on all snow surfaces and good in both short and long turns. The ski base promotes moderately fast speeds.

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