For the 2020/2021 season Blizzard skis see no major changes, but some new widths and lots of tweaks within existing models making them more versatile across the mountain.

Men’s 2020/2021 Blizzard Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports


Brahma skis have been totally redesigned for the 20/21 season, sporting a new TrueBlend Woodcore. The wood keeps things light, but the blend of woods used provide incredible strength for solid performance. 

  • Brahma 82      $720 / $599  Avie’s   Brahma 82 is the narrowest in the family, making it incredibly versatile and incredibly quick into and out of turns. The Brahma 82s are the go-to skis for firm snow conditions—which, in New England, can seem like every day. Two sheets of metal sandwiching the wood core smooths out the ride and provides solid grip on hard snow. Avie’s Ski Testers clicked into a 180cm Brahma 82 and found that they handled with incredible ease. They were grippy, holding tight and sure through turns, and were very stable. Even over the crunchy stuff. Avie’s Ski Testers note that they are fairly stiff, and so demand a bit of attention to make them perform at their best. Brahma 82 is a great ski for intermediate and better skiers wanting an all over the mountain ski. Brahma 82 pairs well with a Marker Squire or Marker Griffon binding.
  • Brahma 88      $840 / $699 Avie’s   Avie’s Ski Testers jumped on a pair of 180cm Brahma 88s to see how they handled. See above for Brahma 82. Avie’s Ski Testers found Brahma 88 as basically the same performance-wise as Brahma 82. Being a bit wider, they were more stable, allowed greater speed, and hung tighter in the turns. Also, because Brahma 88 has more camber/less rocker, they are more grippy in the turns and a bit more springy coming out of the turn. Brahma 88 is a great ski for someone wanting a wider, slightly more powder-worthy ski, but wanting the strength and stability to play all around the mountain regardless the conditions. A proficient advanced intermediate or better skier would find this a great all-around ski. Brahma 88 pairs well with a Marker Griffon binding.


Rustler skis were designed as an all mountain ski, literally. Wide enough to float powder but still serious enough of a ski to handle turns over hard pack snow. And of course, they will carve up the groomers. 

  • Rustler 9  $720 / $599 Avie’s  Rustler 9 is the narrowest of the Rustler ski series, making it a very turn-worthy set of sticks. But that doesn’t mean it’s a narrow ski. With a waist in the mid-90s, depending upon ski length, Ruster 9 floats powder as well as carves up the groomers. Avie’s Ski Testers found Rustler 9 to be a whole lot of fun all over the mountain and can attest that it handles a powder day without a problem. And that it carves the groomers. A very versatile ski best suited to advanced intermediate and expert level skiers. Rustler 9 pairs well with a Marker Griffon binding.

Women’s 2020/2021 Blizzard Skis at Avie’s Ski / Sports


Alight series skis are the women’s front side skis from Blizzard. Alight skis are designed for women skiers through their Women-to-Women Project. Shape, design, and materials used are all targeted at accommodating a women’s slightly different center of gravity. For example, the binding plates are mounted slightly more forward than on men’s skis to account for a women’s slightly different stance. The end result of all this women-specific focus? Greater stability, greater control, and greater agility all around the mountain in all conditions and circumstances.

  • Alight 7.2  $480 / $399 Avie’s   The Alight 7.2 was designed to help build confidence and encourage a love of skiing in beginner skiers. Avie’s Ski Testers found Alight 7.2 to be fun, maneuverable, and incredibly easy to turn. Alight 7.2 has a traditional full-camber profile with just a touch of rocker that makes these skis not only easy in and out of turns, but fun as well. The Alight 7.2 is a great ski for beginning skiers or advanced beginners looking to build skills and technique.


Black Pearl skis have been in the list of award winners since their debut years ago. The reason is that they are phenomenal skis, and Blizzard continues to tweak them so that they incrementally improve over time. Designed specifically for women, Black Pearl skis have wood core construction that makes them light in weight but leaves them with a huge amount of pop and responsiveness. Lots of camber tempered with a bit of rocker tip and tail accentuates that playfulness. Black Pearl skis are well suited to intermediate level and better women skiers.

  • Black Pearl 78       $600 / $499  Avie’s   Avie’s Ski Testers found Black Pearl 78 to be a fun and lively ski. They held turns both long and short, and carved nicely across the groomers. The light, lively feel and great pop from all that camber made turn transition quick and fun. Black Pearl 78 pairs well with Marker Squire or Griffon binding.
  • Black Pearl 82       $720 / $599 Avie’s  The Black Pearl 82 is highly versatile, with great edge grip. At 82 mm underfoot, Avie’s Ski Testers found the extra width of Black Pearl 82 makes them a bit more powder-worthy than the Black Pearl 78, but they still rip bumps, dodge through trees, and carve the groomers with ease. Black Pearl 82 pairs will with Marker Squire or Griffon binding.

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