Armada Skis

All mountain bliss! Invictus and Victa by Armada remain as solid as always, but sporting new topside graphics. These are solid performers all over the mountain. Lightweight due to a 100% wood core, yet steady and responsive. A hefty dose of tip rocker makes Invictus and Victa a breeze for initiating turns, and makes them big fun in the bumps and woods. These are great ski for aspiring intermediates as well as advanced skiers.

Twins are twice the fun! ARV and ARW are all mountain twin tips, which really are all mountain capable. The all wood core gives them lots of pop, making them ideal for woods, bumps, and park. Super light weight makes them a joy to have under foot. They hold there own on the groomers too, allowing for a playful run down the slopes. These are a great ski for intermediate and advanced skiers that want one pair of sticks that can cover every inch of terrain offered. Light weight and responsiveness make quick, tight turns a matter of routine without leaving you breathless.

Avie’s Ski Testers took all these skis out for some turns, and found them to be a fun time. All initiated and released turns nicely, and held their ground in the turns in almost all conditions and at most speeds. Everyone loved their light weight. Avie’s Ski Testers agreed that faster skiers may want to look at longer length skis. The reason being that due to the generous amount of tip rocker, longer lengths made for more stability at higher speed. And yes, they still tipped into and out of turns easily at the longer length.

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