Ski & Boot Bags

one way to pack for your ski trip

But maybe not the best. Avie’s Ski / Sports has lots of options for you to pack up your gear for your next trip. Skis, boots, even heated boots. From El Grande to Wee Tiny, there’s a pack for your gear, and you can find it at Avie’s Ski / Sports.

A boot bag is a great investment. You can easily pack boots, socks, ski pants, gloves, goggles, and a helmet in your average boot bag. Bigger ones will hold an outer jacket, water bottle, snacks, lunch, and a whole lot more. Most are backpack-style so you get your gear effortlessly from place to place.

If you travel with your skis, then a ski bag is a necessity. We recommend them especially if you go on sponsored bus trips. Having skis in a bag protects them from being bashed and battered, and makes it easy at days end to grab your bag from the jumble in the bus cargo hold.

Avie’s Ski / Sports carries a wide variety of ski, snowboard, and boot bags from SWIX, Nordica, Volkl, RIDE, Kulkea and Transpack. Carry-ons, duffles, backpacks, fanny packs, and more. In a rainbow of colors, sizes, and styles. You will find something to like in the selection you will find at Avie’s.