This year, women skiers win big

Blizzard and Tecnica have spun up an initiative called “Women-2-Women.” Basically, they are having women engineers–and designers–work with women skiers in a back-and-forth fashion so that they design gear that not only mechanically works specifically for women, but also addresses considerations of style, form, and function from a women’s perspective.

Historically, ski gear has been male driven, with women’s gear being prettied-up, sized-down men’s gear. That has been changing, but Blizzard and Tecnica have put change on the fast track.

For instance, the new Blizzard “Alight” system skis have the bindings offset just a bit to better take into consideration the difference in a women’s stance relative to those of men. Does it make a difference? Women skiers are telling women engineers—Yes, it does. The Alight skis have also be designed with a new layup of wood, metal, and fiberglass to keep them light but still keep the lady locked in the bindings totally in control.

The result? A pair of skis that caters to the unique anatomical construct of a women’s body and musculature.

Skis not enough? Tecnica didn’t think so. The Mach series has a new, totally organic liner material that captures heat, a higher back spine to account for differences in a women’s calf muscle placement, and a slightly different forward lean angle to account for differences in a women’s stance. The Ten.2 boot series now sports an adjustable cuff so you can custom fit the boot to your specific calf size.

And, the Women-2-Women initiative added a bit of panache. Women’s skis and boots have been designed such that colors, trim, and styles complement each other in a way that makes for a balanced, total outfit that looks like it was planned that way. Because it was. 

Yes ladies, you should feel pretty special. Blizzard and Tecnica have produced the goods for you for 2018. Pop into Avies’ Ski / Sport and check out the new gear. It’s awesome.

Does that mean men are losers?

While there are no doubt a few women out there thinking an emphatic “You Betcha,” from a skiers perspective–not really. 

Blizzard Quattro was new to the scene last year, and other than a few tweaks on some models, and a new 86 mm waist model (which by the way is fantastic!), Blizzard left great skis to be, well, great skis.

Blizzard did make some adjustments to Bonafide and Brahma skis, redesigning the sidecut so that they tip into turns much, much quicker, allowing the ski to carve pretty darn nicely. That small redesign makes Brahma, with it’s slightly narrower waist, what could be a one-ski-does-it-all ski for New England skiers. 

New for 2018 is Blizzard Brahma CA. The CA stands for carbon. Blizzard pulled out the titanal sheets from its traditional Brahma ski and replaced it with strategically located carbon fiber inlays. So where Brahma is super stiff, crushing anything in it’s path, Brahma CA is lighter, more nimble, and with a lot of “pop” so that you can twist, turn, and slash your way around anything you encounter on- or off-piste. This skier found Brahma CA to be an incredible amount of fun to have underfoot.

Tecnica hasn’t made any major changes to men’s boots for this season. The Ten.2 series of boot has been regrouped into a “family” of performance-minded but comfortable ski boots. The regrouping of the Ten.2 family also sees a slight redesign of the liner to better accommodate wide feet. While fitting a Hobbit may still pose a challenge, fitting a ski boot for the rest of humankind, will not.

That’s the news for Blizzard skis and Tecnica ski boots for the 2018 season. And it’s all good. They hit a home run for the ladies with a new series of ski, and redesigns of boots, both specifically engineered for women, by women. And they didn’t mess with the good stuff they released new last season for men. A few tweaks, and a few new models.

Stop by Avie’s Ski / Sport and check out the new goods Blizzard and Tecnica have stashed at the shop. This skier will be on hand this Sunday, the 5th of November, to continue the conversation started here. Stop by and say Hello. Love to see you and talk skiing. 




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