Warmer Feet with Tecnica

This past Friday Dana Greenwood from the Tecnica ski boot company stopped in at Avie’s Ski / Sports to conduct a clinic for Avie’s staff. Dana let us know all about the newest, latest and greatest things happening with Tecnica ski boots for the 2019/2020 ski season.

Celliant for Warmth

One major innovation that jumped right out was the use of this unique blend of minerals called Celliant. This new technology is a blend of 13 different minerals that are incorporated into fibers—for instance those lining the inside of Tecnica ski boot liners—during manufacture. The minerals, combined together as Celliant, essentially captures your body heat, then re-emits it back in an enhanced fashion as infrared energy.

Sounds a bit spooky, but our bodies normally emit infrared energy. Think of it as thermal radiation. Yeah, heat energy. Celliant grabs that energy and then gives it back. The result, technically put, is improved blood circulation in the areas where the Celliant is present. The result, simply put, is that your feet stay warmer.

Tecnica has employed Celliant technology in all their Mach Sport boots. in their men’s Mach 1 110 and 120 boots, and all Cochise boots. Tecnica has also put Celliant in ALL their women’s ski boots for the 2019/2020 season.

How do you know if the Tecnica boot you have in hand contains Celliant? All you need to do is look at the boot liner and find the tag sewn into the outer edge. If it is says “Celliant” on the tag, then that liner has the extra foot warming technology in place.

Bottom line? You get warmer feet while out on the slopes when your Tecnica ski boot liners contain Celliant. Then, at the end of the day as you enjoy various après ski activities, Celliant is silently working to improve circulation and blood flow in your feet, making muscle recovery more complete. Your feet are relaxing comfortably along with the rest of you.

While adding some extra warmth is a great foot forward for Tecnica, they do have a few other unique features worth pointing out.

Women Specific

For women, Tecnica has an initiative in place called “Women to Women.” This initiative engages women skiers in developing ski-oriented products made for women skiers. Those same women then test the changes and innovations, helping designers keep what works, tweaking them to make them better—for women—and tossing stuff that doesn’t. The end result is women’s ski gear that really and truly is designed for women skiers, by women skiers. A Tecnica women’s ski boot is not just a men’s boot with a plusher liner and a prettier color.


Another interesting—and very practical—innovation on Tecnica ski boots is something called “Lift-Lock.” I know you have experienced this—boot all unbuckled and you are sliding your foot into the boot but it won’t go in. Because one of the buckles—or more—flopped back down into the adjustment track so the boot won’t open. Until you unbuckle, yet again.

With Lift-Lock, when you unbuckle you then lift the buckle upwards and it locks in place in the up position. And stays there. Out of the way and in a position where it is virtually impossible to engage the teeth down below in the adjustment track. This is a pretty sweet feature. Check it out.

Double Quick Instep

A further innovation to be found on all 2019/2020 season boots is the “double quick instep.” Tecnica has taken a softer plastic and placed it at the bend where the bridge of your foot always gets stuck, making entry into a ski boot a challenge. The softer plastic allows the boot shell to spread apart more easily, allowing your foot to slip inside more easily. On high-performance Tecnica boots the softer plastic is located on only one side, while on comfort-oriented boots the softer plastic is on both.

Ten.2 Redesign

One more thing new for the 2019/2020 season—Ten.2 boots. This model Tecnica boot has been around for ages, and is a great option for your first ski boot. Tecnica revamped the entire Ten.2 boot line, with a redesign based on their Mach boot series. While maintaining all the great characteristics that made Ten.2 an incredible boot for novices, the redesign makes them a bit more performance oriented so that they will serve new skiers well as they advance and improve their skills on the slopes. And, the redesign makes Ten.2 look like a boot that costs twice as much.

All in all, Tecnica has made some nice changes and upgrades in its ski boot offerings for the 2019/2020 season. For both men and women. And for beginning skiers looking to slip their feet into their first pair of “not rental” ski boots. And of course, for skiers who would like warmer feet.

Drop into Avie’s Ski / Sports and check out all the great Tecnica ski boots in stock. Try on a pair or two. See how easy your feet slip into them, and how warm your feet will feel nestled in Celliant technology. There’s some good stuff awaiting you.

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