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Scott Heald (remember him from Dalbello?), the Avie’s Ski / Sports rep from Volkl ski manufacturer, dropped in to update the Avie’s staff on all the latest and greatest gear coming from Volkl for the 2019/2020 season.

Deacon Download

The infamous Volkl RTM line is phased out and replaced by Deacon, which is NOT the RTM ski with a new graphic slapped on top. Deacon skis take a different approach, getting the skier closer to the snow for improved performance.

The “LowRide” binding system is set lower into the ski, so the feel and behavior is much more reminiscent of that which you get from a “flat” ski set up where the binding is not integrated into the ski. But on Deacon, the binding is integral to the ski, just in a different way. One of the nice things about the new arrangement of this “system” ski is that is has become nearly one-pound lighter in weight. Sounds like not much, but it makes the skis significantly quicker to get on and off edge.

The other new technology is the “3D Radius” sidecut. This manner of designing the shape of the ski, from tip-to-tail, allows for the ski to make long carves as readily and easily as short, sharp turns. And the transition between a long carve and a sharp turn is easy and quick. Avie’s Ski Testers noticed this right away. Usually a ski excels at one or the other, but 3D Radius helps the ski do both with ease and grace.

Deacon 80 sports all the new technology, while Deacon 79 keeps the WideRide binding from the RTM series. Deacon 79 however, has a new partial sidewall that makes it just a bit more forgiving. Both offer an incredible ride down the groomers.

Kendo Kudos

All new for this season is—Kendo? The 2019/2020 Kendo has been redesigned, and trust us on this one, it is new from tip-to-tail. The new Kendo sports the 3D Radius technology described above for Deacon. This makes Kendo incredibly versatile on the slopes. Long carves or quick, tight turns.

OK, Kendo did that pretty good before. So what’s the big deal? The redesign sees some serious titanal inserts strategically placed in the core to add stiffness that previous versions lacked. This makes the 2019/2020 Kendo a very serious ski. Not only does it now carve and turn quick, but it holds the carves and the turns to a degree never experienced with Kendo before.

OK, maybe the “new” Kendo has lost just a bit of the playfulness and “pop” that it used to have. Fortunately, if you are looking for that kind of feel and playfulness, jump on Kanjo and go for a ride.


2019/2020 sees Flair 72 hit the ski racks. This member of the Volkl Flair series sports the new partial sidewall technology applied in Deacon 79. This makes the ski lighter, and easier to tip into and out of turns, but not at a loss of control or performance. And it puts Flair 72 at a very nice price point.


The women’s Bash 86W is a great set of twin tips for those venturing into the park or the woods. Bash 86W sports a solid wood core, keeping things light in weight. And simple. Add some rocker tip-and-tail and you have one very playful set of sticks.

That’s the Volkl ski run down. Stop in to Avie’s Ski / Sports and check out the Volkl skis available this season. Deacon and Flair for the groomers, Kendo and Kama all over the mountain, Bash 86W in the park and woods.

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