Volkl 2017 Line Up

The big news in the 2017 Volkl ski line has to do with the ladies. Volkl redesigned—from top to bottom—the entire line of ladies all-mountain skis. This new product line is the Flair series of skis. From the carbon infused Flair SC UVO to the composite-bodied Flair 73, ladies have their choice of hard charging to user-friendly carvers.

The number designation in the Flair series relates to the waist-size of the ski. So the Flair 81 has an 81 mm waist and the Flair 73 a 73 mm waist. The narrower the ski the easier they are to tip into and out of turns. The most popular are likely to be the Flair 73, 74, and 75 mm waisted skis. For those ladies ripping up the groomers here in New England, these will be top picks. Flair 74 and Flair 75 have wood cores, making them light, responsive, and fun to be on. This pair of Volkls are ideal for the intermediate and advanced intermediate lady skier who spends most of her on the groomers. Flair 73 is a bit more forgiving due to its composite core, making this a great ski for beginners wanting to improve their technique into the intermediate levels. The Flair series are system skis, meaning they come with integrated bindings designed specifically for that ski and with the level of skier anticipated to be using them in mind.

For ladies who play in the woods as much as they do on the groomers, the Kenja and Yumi skis will be your “go to” sticks. Any technical changes to these long-time Volkl classics have been tweaks, but the top-sheet graphics are all new for 2017. The Kenja and Yumi are flat skis, meaning you buy bindings of your choosing separately and have them mounted on the ski. We suggest Marker Squire or Griffon bindings. Both these skis are adept at carving up the groomers, will play nicely in the bumps, and are nothing short of a blast in the woods. And yes, they play in the park as well. Light, responsive, and with lots of “pop,” the only word to describe them adequately is “fun!”

Guys, don’t be all depressed because Volkl turned all their attention to the ladies for 2017. Volkl proceeded with the credo of “Do no harm” and so they changed essentially nothing in their top rated mens skis except for updating the graphics. The Volkl RTM series remains the same hard-charging, groomer-ripping, edge-holding machines they always have been, with a bit more appeal due to the new graphics. The RTM series remains one of my favorites for New England skiing. They do it all, they do it well, and they do it in style. The series are system skis so they come complete with integrated bindings specifically designed for each ski in the series.

You guys who love the quiet of the deep woods know that the Volkl Mantra and Kendo skis take you there. You also know they eat the groomers with glee, are not shy of the bumps, are not so bad in the fresh fluffy stuff, especially the Mantra, and will slide rails, especially Kendo. These are flat skis, and we suggest Marker Squire or Griffon bindings.

That’s the 2017 Volkl line up highlights. The skis you will find available at Avie’s Ski / Sport are those we feel are most compatible to use here in New England where we tend to contend with  sometimes harsh conditions, and where powder days are a luxury rather than the norm. 

Stop by and check out the 2017 Volkl skis. There is sure to be something to your liking. 





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