Ticket to RIDE

RIDE snowboards continues it’s legacy of great gear for riding the mountain, with a few tweaks and revamps to make 2018 season RIDE snowboards, boots, and bindings even better.

Like many, if not most ski and snowboard manufacturers for 2018, RIDE has messed around with carbon fiber technology. Most of the snowboards produced by RIDE for this season are not brand new, but instead are upgrades to existing gear with carbon. Using carbon fiber technology allows for the removal of weight while maintaining stiffness. This of course makes for a more lively deck while not giving up ability to tip into and hold turns.

RIDE’s top flight, all-around mountain-bashing board continues to be Machete. Carbon inlays combined with tip and tail rocker make Machete your one-board-does-it-all selection for hard charging, experienced riders.

The Manic and Agenda boards round things out for intermediate and advancing riders by providing a high degree of performance with a bit of forgiveness.

For the ladies, Compact and Saturday give everything needed for a day on the slopes. RIDE tweaked a few things to make them more gender appropriate, accounting for slight differences in the female stance. But these are the “go to” boards for everything from the groomers to the woods and into the park.

Ladies also luck out with RIDE boots, which are tweaked to account for that slight difference in stance. Both guys and gals however, benefit from the Intuition™ liners that grace RIDE boots. These are the warmest boot liners around, and they are infinitely heat moldable so you can be sure to get them dialed in for your maximum comfort zone. But what if you want performance, and don’t want to give up warmth? Intuition™ liners is the answer, and RIDE puts them in all their boots.

Lest bindings feel left out, RIDE continues to upgrade their bindings not with major overhauls and grand fanfare, but with subtle updates that improve performance. Carbon again falls into the picture to lighten up the gear but keep performance at a premium.

Bottom line is that RIDE doesn’t attempt to roll out so-called “game-changing” alterations each season. Instead they take the phenomenally great gear they already have designed, and make minor changes that show up in better performance and more fun on the slopes. Like polyurethane straps that are unbreakable, no matter how cold it gets. Embedded hardware that you adjust using a binding strap so you don’t have to carry tools. Stance corrected bindings so that alignment to the board is natural, not forced. Kevlar lacing for heel lock down.

I guess that’s what impresses me most year-to-year about RIDE. Sure, they come off as the totally hip, out-there radicals playing slash-and-burn on the slopes. And they are. But underneath all that cool is a rock solid foundation of high-tech thoughtfulness that is total nerdiness.

Stop by Avie’s Ski / Sport and check out RIDE boards, boots, and bindings. Check out the carbon inlay in Machete. Stick your feet in an Intuition™ liner. Twist a few polyurethane straps. Ogle the graphics. It’s likely you’ll find this year’s gift from Santa. For you.



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