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Hesitant beginner? Hard-charging daredevil? The 2019 ski season gear is in stock at Avie’s Ski / Sports. Knowledgeable staff will put you on the slopes with the right gear. For you. And your budget.

Avie’s staff are dedicated to fitting you into the gear that’s best for how you ski, and how you aspire to ski. The 2019 ski season gear is now available, so check out the new ski season gear below. Read the short descriptions. Then come in and give us your thoughts. And your aspirations. We will inspire you to get there with the right combination of skis and boots.

Want more info on the 2019 ski season gear? Of course you do! Click on the brand name of the ski or boot that interests you. That will open a new window with more detail. There will also be some input from Avie’s Ski Testers who have had the opportunity to try out most of the 2019 ski season gear. It’s a tough job, but for you, Avie’s staff are willing to go the distance.

2019 Ski Gear — SKIS

Armada. Blizzard. Meier. Nordica. Volkl.

MEN - SKIS 2018 - 2019MSRPAvie's Price
ARV 86$475.00$399.95
Invictus 85$475.00$399.95
Firebird Race Ti*$960.00$799.00
Quattro 7.7*$600.00$499.00
Quattro 8.0 CA*$720.00$599.00
Quattro 8.4*$1,080.00$899.00
Rustler 9$720.00$599.00
Enforcer 93$749.00$649.95
GT 76 Ti*$799.00$699.95
Navigator 85$599.00$499.00
Soul Rider 84$399.00$299.95
RTM 76*$700.00$599.95
RTM 79*$950.00$799.95
RTM 81*$1,065.00$899.95
*price includes integrated system binding

WOMEN - SKIS 2018 - 2019MSRPAvie's Price
ARW 84$375.00$299.95
Victa 83$475.00$399.95
Alight 7.7*$600.00$499.00
Black Pearl 78$600.00$499.00
Calamity Jane$695.00
Astral 78 CA$499.00$399.95
*price includes integrated system binding

MARKER SKI BINDINGS 2018 - 2019MSRPAvie's Price
Griffon 13 ID (90/100mm brake)$295.00$229.95
Squire 11 ID (90/100mm brake)$280.00$189.95
11.0 TP (90mm brake)$250.00$159.95
10.0 TP (85mm brake)$225.00$129.95
F12 Tour$429.95
F10 Tour$349.95

2019 Ski Gear — BOOTS

Dalbello. Nordica. Tecnica

MEN - BOOTS 2018 - 2019MSRPAvie's Price
DS MX 100$500.00$349.95
DS MX 80$350.00$199.95
DS 90$$00.0$299.95
Speed Machine 110$599.00$499.95
Speed Machine 90$399.00$299.95
Cruise 60$299.00$199.95
Cochise 100$600.00$499.95
Mach Sport HV 100$480.00$399.95
Mach Sport HV 90$360.00$299.95
Ten 2.70 HVL$240.00$199.95

WOMEN - BOOTS 2018 - 2019MSRPAvie's Price
Kyra MX 80$400.00$299.95
MX Sport 65$350.00$199.95
Speed Machine 75W$399.00$299.95
Cruise 75W$349.00$249.95
Mach Sport HV 95$480.00$399.95
Mach Sport HV 85$360.00$299.95
Ten 2.65 W$240.00$199.95

Want to quickly customize your boots for a great fit? Pick up a pair of 3FEET winter boot inserts at Avie’s Ski / Sports. Guaranteed to make you say “Whoa, that feels nice!” High, mid, and low arch inserts available.

2019 Ski Gear — POLES

Ski poles have a bigger purpose than just pushing you along in the lift line. Used properly, they set up your turns, provide balance, and set a rhythm and cadence to your turns. The right pole makes a difference. This season Avie’s Ski / Sports will carry an array of ski poles from SWIX and SCOTT manufacturers. Aluminum is the “go to” material as it is inexpensive and rugged. But it is heavy. Composites are made of fiberglass mixed with carbon and/or graphite, and make for a much lighter pole. They also provide a bit of flex, which is a benefit when skiing hard and making lots of fast and/or tight turns. The down side is they are a bit more expensive.