Ski Specials

Right now there are three Ski Specials available at Avie’s Ski / Sports. And you don’t want to miss these. Here they are:

  • Blizzard Race Ti (178 cm) — Okay, if you have never been on a race ski, you need to. Seriously. A few years ago I told Ted I wanted a ski to have some serious fun on the groomers with. He said “Get a race ski.” I did. I used them almost exclusively for two seasons and I can honestly say they were the two most fun seasons I have ever skied. Is it the speed? Sure, but it’s really about the control. Race skis respond when you tell them, and in the turns, they don’t let go until you tell them. The Blizzard Race Ti is an awesome ski on those frontside groomers. Carve, carve, and carve some more. If you enjoy putting a ski on edge and carving twin lines down the hill, and want to do that while at high speed, Blizzard Race Ti is the ski to give you that. You will not be able to remove the smile from your face for at least 3 weeks. Seriously. Race skis really are that fun. Great skis for someone who can get the skis on edge and carve.
  • Volkl Kendo 88 (177 cm) — Volkl Kendo has been and continues to be one of the Avie’s Ski Tester favorites, year after year. The reason is that they are a very fun ski all over the mountain. They play well on the groomers, bust through the late afternoon chop, and while there are better powder skis, Kendo doesn’t leave you high and dry. This pair of Kendo sticks is a 2019/2020 model. The new version has 3D radius side cut to make them a bit better on the groomers. And they are. But my impression is they lost a little bit of the pop and playfulness of the version in the picture above, and waiting for you at Avie’s. Volkl Kendo will keep you in your groove on and off piste. Great skis for any intermediate or advanced skier looking for a great all around ski.
  • Blizzard Brahma CA (180 cm) — Blizzard Brahma CA loses the metal inherent in the rest of the Brahma clan, and sees a replacement with carbon fiber. This lightens the ski and gives it a tremendous amount of pop. And because of the light weight and great flex characteristics, it is total fun in the woods, and in fact, anywhere off piste. Being in the Brahma family however, means it still performs on the groomers and is a great ski all around the mountain. Super light, lots of pop, and quite forgiving when you are messing around in the park or in the trees. Great skis for advancing beginner/intermediate level skier wanting some fun sticks that will take them places.

There is only one of each, so if you are interested, don’t delay. Excellent skis at an excellent price.

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