Ski & Snowboard Tuning Clinic — FREE

Do your skis or snowboard look anything like those in the image above? If they do, you really need to take part in the FREE tuning clinic happening at Avie’s Ski / Sport on December 9th at 11:00 AM. And if they don’t—Great! Come to the tuning clinic and learn how to never let them get that way.

We will show you the basics of sharpening your side edges, and then how to keep them nice and sharp. Why? Because sharp edges help you hold a turn. Especially on the crusty, icy conditions sometimes found here in the East.

And then we will show you how to select the proper wax for conditions, and apply it to your skis or snowboard. Why? Because a snowboard or pair of skis waxed with the correct wax slides over the snow better. You get more control and more fun.

The clinic is FREE. That’s right, no charge. It’ll take about an hour of your time. You will learn a new set of skills that will do two major things for you: (1) Make you have way more fun on the slopes, and (2) keep your gear in tip-top shape so it lasts longer and performs better.

At the end of the clinic you will have the opportunity to pick up tuning equipment and supplies at a nicely discounted price. But only if you attend the clinic. The discounts are special for those coming to the clinic.

Tuning your own gear is fun and easy. Any investment is readily recouped in your first season of tuning. And the best part is, while others are struggling over flat spots and run-outs on the slopes, you will be whizzing by on your way to the lift for another run.

If you are interested in attending the clinic, send me an email at so I can be sure to have enough seats.

Curious? Check out ski/snowboard maintenance and waxing how-to so your head is already in the “tuning game.”

Looking forward to seeing you on December 9th at 11:00 AM at Avie’s Ski / Sport.