Santa’s Picks

This past February I got to have a second Christmas. I got to go to the On Snow Demo in Vermont and try out all the skis that are now out and about for sale this ski season.

Now that the snow is falling up north and the bull wheels are hauling lifts to the tops of ski mountains, I got to thinking about all the skis I tried out. A few things boiled up to the surface that I thought I would pass along. These thoughts may come in handy as you think about a new pair of skis for this season, and while there are still a few shopping days left to ensure that you, or someone you suggest the idea to, puts them in your holiday stocking (make it a really BIG stocking just in case!).

Two things really stuck in my head after 3 days of trying out different skis.

  1. The new Nordica GT series of skis really stood out as a in both looks and performance.  Nordica changed up the sidecut to make them carve better. And they beefed up the bindings so that the transfer of power from boot to ski is more connected. The result is a bunch of skis that really rock on the front-side groomers. They tip into turns gracefully and easily, and then hold the turn until you release them. All the Nordica GT skis I jumped on felt solid, sure-footed, and stable. I highly recommend these skis to anyone looking for a pair of front-side carving skis.
  2. Blizzard Quattro skis blew my mind. Any and all of the series that I clicked boots into were really a fun ride. Stable, grippy, carve-worthy. I admit I have been a “Volkl snob” for some time. And while I am not quite ready to turn my RTM 84s into an Adirondack chair, the Blizzard Quattro skis have caught my fancy. The Quattro skis take on the front-side with menace. They go into and out of turns quickly and easily, and hold the turns tenaciously. The Ti models, which have titanal inserts, would not let go their grip regardless how crusty and chunky the surface. I tried to shake them, and couldn’t. I liked the Blizzard Quattro skis so much, I now have a pair in the closet that are primed and ready to play. My only regret in having them, is that I haven’t yet been able to use them.

That’s it. Those are what, if I were Santa, I would be dropping under trees and slipping into stockings this holiday season for skiers who love the front-side groomers and thrill at tipping a pair of skis into some fine carves down the mountain.

Unfortunately, I’m not really Santa so you need to take some initiative. Or goad someone else into taking action. What I and others at Avie’s Ski/Sport can do, is be there to help make sure the model and length of ski is appropriate for you and the amount of fun you want to generate out on the slopes.

Whether as a present or not, check out the Blizzard Quattro and Nordica GT series skis this year. They will not disappoint.



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