Roxa Rocks Avie's

There is a new rock star at Avie’s Ski / Sports for the 2019/2020 season — Roxa ski boots.


Roxa ski boots, made in Italy, have a family history that dates into the making of the famous ski boot brands Raichle and Kneissl. In 2003 Roxa began crafting its own brand of boots, making it a relative new comer to the scene. Despite being new to Avie’s, Roxa boots have what it takes on the slopes.

The Boots

The Roxa boots to be found at Avie’s Ski / Sports this season are the R/Fit 100 and R/Fit 80 for men, and the R/Fit 75W for women. Both the R/Fit 80 and R/Fit 75W are a 102 mm last boot. These are ideal boots for those with a wider foot. The R/Fit 100 is a 102 mm last as well, but is a bit of a renegade. This particular Roxa boot can be stretched to make it into to a 104 mm last boot.

The Features

You did heard right! Stretched! The entire shell—as well as the liner—is heat moldable. Want a bit more room in the toe box? Heat the shell, and with a special tool—Avie’s has that tool—the toe box gets expanded. With both shell and liner being heat moldable, you can get a fit that is a sure thing for your feet. Roxa gives you some serious, and quick, customization.

You will find that all Roxa boots to be found at Avie’s are traditional 4-buckle overlap boots. Try one on and you will find that all of the those boots have an “easy entry” system that facilitates sliding the foot into the liner.

Drop in to Avie’s Ski / Sports and check out the new boot on the block. Slide in a foot and see how they feel. We think you will be pleasantly pleased with this new addition to the Avie’s “boot wall.”

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