RIDE Ready

RIDE snowboards are ready to rip. Upgrades and new models to the RIDE line of snowboards provide some great opportunities for both men and women.


The rage in the men’s line is of course the “pigs.” War Pig, Mountain Pig, Super Pig. These newly designed shorter, more turny, more fun boards are taking the slopes by storm. And for good reason. The new design allows for a board that handles spectacularly easy, being responsive and just plain out fun.

The “pigs” are very popular, and are moving from the snowboard room at Avie’s Ski / Sports onto the slopes at a fast pace. We’ve never seen piggies move so fast! If one of these new boards is in your thoughts, put that thought to action sooner than later.

Of course, there are the tried and true decks like Berzerker, Manic, and Agenda in stock at Avie’s. While not the current rage, these boards don’t leave you wishing for something else. True mountain rippers or park partiers.

Femme Fatales

And for women, two of best of the best. Psychocandy and Saturday. Each is a seriously playful serious board. Anywhere on the mountain. Everywhere on the mountain. My daughter rides on Saturday, every day of the week, and on Sundays. She has for the past 3 seasons. I asked her if she wanted an upgrade this season, my treat. Her response—”There is no upgrade.”

For those youngsters who are past the phase of riding rentals, Machete Jr. is the way forward. Modeled after the adult Machete deck, “Jr.” provides the stability and power to improve skills, but with a touch of forgiveness.

There is a great selection of RIDE snowboards awaiting you at Avie’s Ski / Sports. Pair that deck with a set of RIDE bindings and you have a perfect pairing. Slide your feet into a pair of super warm, super comfortable RIDE boots, and you just reached nirvana.

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