A RIDE PIG was birthed a couple of years ago — WARPIG. This snowboard was designed in such a way that riders could select a slight shorter, more maneuverable board but not lose any of the great qualities in the RIDE line of snowboards.

WARPIG, needless to say, was a HUGE hit on the slopes. So much so that the following year RIDE added TWINPIG and MTNPIG boards to the line up.

They were a HUGER hit. So HUGE that demand outstripped supply. Those that failed to grab a little piggy early in the season, got no piggy at all. All those “piggy less” riders had to suffer a year on the slopes with their old decks.


Yes, the 2019-2020 RIDE “PIGS” have arrived at Avie’s Ski / Sports. If you went “pigless” last season, here is your best chance to change your fate for the coming season. Get to Avie’s Ski / Sports and grab a PIG before all the little piggy’s are gone once again.

Is it too early to think about playing in the snow? NEVER!

If you want to RIDE A PIG this winter, now is the time to pick up the bacon.

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