Volkl RTM 81

$1,065.00 $899.95 includes shipping

Incredible frontside carvers that provide for quick, tight turns while you carve the frontside from summit to lift line. [includes Wideride XL 12 bindings]



The Volkl RTM 81 sports a new “3-D Glass Inlay” technology for 2018. Essentially Volkl found a way to use a fiberglass weave to stiffen the ski like a metal insert, but without the weight of a metal insert. Volkl also added new graphic top sheets to the RTM series.

One of Avie’s ski testers won’t leave home without his Volkl RTM 84s. When he jumped on the RTM 81 to give them a try, he found that the best thing he lovers about the RTM 84—incredible edge grip regardless the conditions or the speed—were there in the RTM 81. What was different was that they tipped into a turn much quicker due to their narrower waist.

The result? This happy Avie’s ski tester made some incredibly tight turns and carves all the way down the frontside and back to the lift. RTM 81 are serious sticks for skiers that spend time on the frontside ripping up the groomers, but want the ability to jump into quick, tight turns and carves.

Advanced beginners, intermediate, and even expert skiers, will find the Volkl RTM 81 to their liking if their desire is to slash-and-carve all over the frontside. [includes Wideride XL 12 bindings]

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163cm, 170cm, 177cm