Volkl RTM 76

$700.00 $599.95 includes shipping

RTM 76 is a performance oriented frontside ski, with just enough of a “soft side” to allow advancing skiers the opportunity to easily and quickly learn the art of frontside carving. [includes Motion 10 GW binding]



NEW for 2018, the RTM 76 adds a new waist size to the series. With its slightly slimmer waist, the RTM 76 tips into turns quicker than it’s “fat” brothers, while providing all the good things the RTM skis are known for—great grip in the turns, and serious holding power.

RTM 76 performs on the frontside, but still maintains a high degree of flex so that advancing skiers are forgiven their lapses in technique. This means you get great performance while still learning how to tip those sticks into a graceful carve.

If you are an advancing beginner to intermediate skier who spends most of their time on the frontside, and lovers to carve (or wants to learn), Volkl RTM 76 is a serious contender. [includes Motion 10 GW binding]

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Length (cm)

154cm, 161cm