RIDE Machette Jr.

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A scaled down version of Machette designed specifically for junior riders. Machette Jr. builds skills on the groomers and in the park, but doesn’t skimp on fun. Who ever said learning couldn’t be fun?

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See the description for the RIDE Machete adult version. Everything you read there is true for Machette Jr., except things are scaled down to fit junior riders. OK, so the deck is just a bit more flexible underfoot to allow for some lapse in technique. But that flexibility allows junior riders to improve, progress, and become full out adult riders.

The added flexibility also gives Machette Jr. just a bit more pop, so junior riders messing around in the park will be better able to learn the tricks of the trade. And yes, Machette Jr. will float powder on the frontside and in the trees.

Machette Jr. is a great all mountain board designed for junior riders, with the design of the board being aimed at improving skills and techniques so they progress to hard driving adult riders sooner than later.

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