Nordica Sentra S4

$699.00 $599.95 includes shipping

A frontside carver for intermediate to advanced women skiers who want a highly responsive, performance-oriented, lightweight set of skis. [includes integrated TP10 FDT bindings]



The Nordica Sentra S4 is designed for women who are serious about carving up the frontside. Balsa wood core keeps it light, and carbon inlays keep it light while adding some stiffness. The result is that Sentra S4, when tipped into a turn, holds the turn.

Light and nimble, the Nordica integrated system of ski and binding provides control and power. The 76mm waist makes the S4 quick to initiate turns, and easy to release. This makes for easy, carefree carving top to bottom.

If you are an intermediate to advanced level women skier looking for a pair of lightweight yet highly responsive and stable skis for the frontside, Sentra S4 is worth a long and serious look. You may find your perfect slopeside partner. [includes integrated TP10 FDT bindings]

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Length (cm)

156cm, 162cm